What does being intentional with your time look like this season?

This is the time of year in which nature prepares to rest and build strong foundations beneath the surface. Part of the life design of an acorn is lying on the ground, resting, doing “nothing” to the naked eye. And yet in our human society things ramp up in a major way in the fall with advertising, events, etc.


Many outside influences will try to get access to your time. It is up to you to make the decision about how you get to use your free time and what you are committed to. Even as Society, Media, Friends, Family start to clamor in with their expectations, request, and beliefs, you can choose to be calm and contained. You can make a point to thoughtfully engage with only as much as feels healthy to you to engage.

Remember, nothing in nature says yes to everything or goes all the time. Every living creature has periods during the day

and during the year

in which there is quiet

and rest

and Stillness.

No matter how advanced we humans become with our technology, we are still nature.

We are still animal bodies living in a natural world.

The laws of the natural world apply to us equally as they apply to every other organism.

As you look ahead to the next few months, in the northern hemisphere as things slow down to become colder with shorter hours of daylight, be thoughtful. For all of the external, energy-intensive activities you do, make sure that you’re balancing that with slow, still, contemplative activities that allow you to rest and recharge in your home space.

Can you commit to yourself that for every project, commitment, or event that you say Yes to, you also make another commitment.

For every commitment that you agree to, Say Yes to also making a commitment to time with yourself and your home, to restorative self-care, and to being a quiet still creature of life?

You, I, and all these other humans are so good at DOING most of our time. Be sure to prioritize pure BEING too.


Why I like to create space in my day.

Keeping room in your schedule adds to your happiness, kindness, and lowers your stress levels.

Are you going to start making room in your schedule for margins and space?

Add space to your planner and start seeing your happiness and peace increase.

If you love this topic and want to delve deeper, I recommend the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I’ve written about it here.

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