If you want to reclaim the happiness & enthusiasm you used to have, then you’re in the right place.

If you want to feel more connected to yourself, your dreams, and your joy, this is our place to do that.

If you wish you could make decisions in your life without analyzing everything to death and still wondering if you made the right decision. Or maybe you want to start doing things that thrill, yet scare you, but until now you couldn’t make yourself budge beyond your exhausted, predictable life. I’m here for you!

Listen, I know we live in a world full of all kinds of negativity, violence, pollution, and toxic people to boot. But that is just one side of the coin, and I want us to increase and enhance the positivity, joy, confidence, strength, and beauty of the world.

I have a background in science and a lifelong pursuit of spirituality. Here I blend the best of the rational with the magical in one inspiring place! My custom program uses the best aspects of mindfulness, happiness habits, and brain research. Clients who work with me love the one-on-one coaching, short exercises and weekly reflections that cut through the information and the overwhelm.

I’m a recovered (recovering, depending on the day) over-achiever, over-committer, try-to-do-everything-yourself-er, and perfectionist.

Can you relate?

Do you wish that you could put your perfectionism to bed and just be a calmer, happier, good-enough-achiever for once?

If so, we can do this!

Let’s cut through all the information & overwhelm. I want to empower you with all I have learned and continue to learn. I want to walk you step-by-step to becoming more confident in your decision-making, more aligned with your ideal, amazing life, and more of your wonderful self. 

I think you have a deep soul yearning for more. Let’s feed that yearning and help it to blossom.

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