Stop doomscrolling and stressing. Feel More Positive in a Chaotic World.

How can you remain positive and hopeful in a stressful world, especially if you feel eco-anxiety or concern over climate change?

It can be a challenge. You want to be informed, but staying informed creates more discomfort and eco-anxiety for you.

You learn about the latest climate concern and you feel your pulse rising?
Your mind gets more scattered.
You flit from task to task. Whenever the next bad news story hits, you’re a mess- not that you felt that great to begin with!

The stress of thinking about the news makes it hard to concentrate. Its hard to focus on making a good life for yourself when you are concerned about the state of the world.

The past few years have put so much pressure and stress upon your emotions, which were maybe already taxed. In this latest video, I share with you how to have a positive outlook and regain calm in the hectic pace and stress that is normal life these days.

Whether or not you struggle with #ecoanxiety or are focused on the climate crisis, #doomscrolling has increased and along with it, stress levels.

What can you do to easily reduce your stress and feel more hopeful. Watch the video below and tune into spiritual insight on how to have a positive outlook in today’s world. This is a channeling done by Rachel Strivelli, psychic and writer. 


Do you wish you could erase the Stress building up in you?

If you are feeling like you want more support to cultivate a positive way forward for yourself, book a free clarity call and let me support you. Read more and book a free consult call here. 

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