Are you calling someone lucky when its actually invisible ass-busting work?

I used to get REALLY bothered when people called aspects of my life lucky that I had really worked for.
“You’re so lucky to be a stay-at-home-mom,” was a popular one from a few years back.
I got so mad at the various mothers who said it to me, but I bit my tongue.
I didn’t know how to tell them it wasn’t luck; I had worked hard to save money, eat simply, shopped at thrift stores, and took fewer vacations, so my husband and I had such little debt that I could stay at home with my daughter and we could live on one income.
We bought a fixer-upper with broken windows and sagging floors that needed soooo much work- all so we had as little debt as possible to be able to pursue our dreams with peace of mind. Ultimately it was transformed into a storybook cottage-of-a-home that people adored.
They didn’t see the late nights buying supplies, almost missing a friend’s wedding as we grouted the tile in the bathroom. The thousands of dollars spend on tree trimming, holes dug and earth moved.
Its easy to assume that others are benefitting from GOOD LUCK from the outside looking in.
But let’s be real.
Probably in most cases, there’s effort to make that good luck.
And if there’s not effort, there’s choices, habits, and an outlook that supports it.
Is it lucky that the dentist gives you a clean bill of health when you visit?
Life is interesting, because there’s so much mystery.
The more you know- and humans have a LOT Of knowledge right now at our fingertips- the more you still have yet to discover.
Some people think because I’m a psychic that I can “see” anything I want and get answers on anything. It doesn’t work quite like that.
I can “see” certain aspects of things, but only enough to give someone so that the full delight and experience of that thing is still somewhat fresh and new when it actually happens for you.
A lot of people have to come to me for psychic love readings lately. I can often “see” the potential partner right there. However, unless I worked with a talented sketch artist, I can only describe the person in general terms. More helpful is giving them general ideas where to go to meet the person.
Its a beautiful thing, but the universe/God/Divine will not force you to meet your soulmate on an online dating app if you can’t stand dating apps. If you’re on the apps and open to them though, your future partner is just as likely to be there as to be standing in line at your favorite bakery waiting for vegan scones too.
In a world of infinite possibilities, there are infinite ways to get where you want to go and to bring your true desires to life.
In a world of infinite possibilities, you can get there from anywhere.
If you have trouble with that, then think a little smaller, on planet earth.
Is there anywhere on earth, that if you TRULY, deeply, passionately wanted to go there, that it would be impossible? Yes, some places are harder to reach than others, but any place (with perhaps the bottom of the Marianas trench) is reachable from any other place on earth.
It might be a direct flight.
Or you might need 3 connections.
But its possible.
As your reading this, you are getting a reminder that what you want is possible.
If you’re happy in love, yay! What do you want for your personal or professional outcome?

Can you take 30 seconds and pause to believe that its possible?

You might not be able to get there tomorrow. You might need some training, some gear, and some help.
Even despite whatever you need to take the trip, the possibility is there for you.
The journey is yours to explore.
Your journey is like a vacation. I’m happy to help you pack your bags or encourage you to book that trip.
Going to a psychic is like checking in on your GPS on the way. It helps to know that you’re on the right track, or somewhat off, or when you’re weighed down by past hurts, trauma, baggage, that is making your journey creep along at turtle speed.
What a benevolent creator that you get to benefit from-
who created a world with helpers, guides,
mushrooms, pumpkins, books,
bachelor buttons, brilliant blue skies, pint glasses,
crisp leaves, and you.
This creator also keeps enough of your future a mystery that every day has something new and unexpected for you.
What a gift to be alive in this season and this time.
Go to this page linked in the comments and book your reading. I’m ready and able to help you get going on that journey you want to take.
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