If you want to build a brighter, more equitable world, do these 7 Self-Care Acts Today.

Let’s turn the world right side up.

“If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again!” -Sojourner Truth
If you are an activist or visionary, a good part of your energy is outward focused. You expend time, thought, and emotions on helping to create change and build a better future for us all.
You want to see a more positive, equitable future and you are doing your own small part to make it happen. However, lately the onslaught of negative news and outlook is starting to leave you feeling drained and rather hopeless about the world.
Burnout is a real result of not taking intentional time to step back from work in the world and to caring for your beautiful human self. Activists, healers, visionaries, and empaths need to remember that self-care is an essential part of being a changemaker. In fact, its the only sustainable way to create change.
I revere your efforts and your caring heart. 
You are strong enough to help turn this world around. Together you and I and all the others have the strength to transform this world and create something incredible for future generations. 
And the means by which you and I keep on showing up and making change is by insuring that we are each caring for our soft human bodies, every day, with sustainable activities and attention. 
Changing the world is a beautiful thing AND it is tiring. It takes energy, emotion, and thought. You deserve to replenish your resources for all the efforts you have made.
Every day that you lean into learning, to listening, to supporting the lives and liberty of others, you help to lift the load and dissolve the karma of years of erroneous thinking and action.
Each person’s transformation is essential to the shifting of the consciousness. Your efforts don’t have to be seen & heard by the masses to be making an impact on the masses.
Small acts are equally valid as grand acts that everyone sees.
The great awakening is occurring in our hearts and is rippling out into new practices, policies, and patterns.
We are living and bringing forth the prayers of decades of ancestors, brothers, sisters, mothers, & fathers who desired for freedom and a better life.

No one needs to be oppressed for you to live a good life.

The fear that that is true is one of the lies of white supremacy; we are here to pull it out by the roots and bring it out into the sunshine so that vampire thoughtforms will dissolve.
There are enough resources, room, money, love, & all that for us to each have a good life and know that when we lift the weight of oppressive thinking, we will not live in lack.
Even world hunger is not a question of the amount of food, it is a question of allocation and access of resources.
May we all move forward knowing that white supremacy is an error of thinking, a system of control, a worldview that will not hold. Each of us can root out the fear of scarcity and fear of not enough to expand into knowing that there is enough.
Embodying the belief that there is enough also means that you honor the cycles of the seasons, the cycles of life, which call for periods of productivity and periods of rest. 
Living in a connected world means that I can easily know and be aware of all types of issues and world events. With that also comes the responsibility and knowing that I am one person and I do not expect myself to handle, fix, process, or address every single issue that I am aware of existing.

7 Ways to Stay Optimistic (and care for your Human Self) so you can Advocate for and Create Change

Here’s the advice I follow to keep showing up as an advocate for positive change and stay optimistic in the face of complex situations & systems:
  • Plant seeds and pull weeds. Gardens take time to cultivate and grow. For the figurative and literal gardens in your life, adopt an attitude of patience, attention, and the idea that many small actions will lead to a beautiful, bountiful harvest. 


  • Do not despair. Hopeless is just one view of your life or the future. It isn’t the only view and might actually be a false prediction that your mind is creating of how things will turn out. 


  • When you feel tired, rest.


  • Tend to your needs. Of course, first you have to be aware of what your needs are, so take time to be self-reflective.


  • Consume consciously & mindfully. If you watch all the ads, information, and stuff blaring out at your from media outlets, you’re going to feel unwell. Consciously take breaks from media, news, and consuming information on a regular basis. Its ok to know when you want to step away. The 24 news cycle and social media channels will still be there when you’re done with your break. Check out this post about taking a break from social media. 

  • Take breaks, of all kinds. Sometimes the best way to become aware of what something means to you is to take a break. There’s a reason that, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is a popular adage. Take breaks from various things and elements of your life- you might realize that some of them are unnecessary and/or draining. Others will become clearly more important to you. This past year I’ve been taking a break from alcohol and its been very refreshing and illuminating.


  • Know that you are loved. You are LOVED. If no one told you this today, it is still true. Although our world is more technologically connected than ever, for some people, this feels like the loneliest time. Whether or not you are surrounded by loved ones or yearning for it, you are loved. If you have breath in your chest and a beat to your heart, there is love on this planet, for you. Let yourself know this and accept it. If you are going through a period where it is hard to love yourself, let yourself be loved by me and others. There are many recordings, videos, affirmations that can bring you into the love state. Be kind to yourself. 


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