You are perfectly designed, just as you are.

You are a unique creation, a masterpiece of the universe.

It’s ok if you don’t feel amazing or confident right now.

You are allowed to feel blah, bummed, or overwhelmed. We all have down days.

Welcome to a place where you can be nourished. A place where you can feed your soul with writing, flowers, colorful doodles, and hope.

  • If you want to feel more positive,
  • If you need easy ways to nourish your light during the weirdest time of our lives,
  • If you’ve got a hankering to make your life more magical,

This is your place.

For too long you have pushed your limits,

put everyone else, everything else first,

stretched yourself thin,

not in a good way.

Its time to pour some energy back into yourself.

Welcome to Soul nourishment that you’ve been craving.

Picture of a black and white butterfly on a umbel-shaped flower, like a Queen Anne's Lace or carrot flower.

I help you to grow. Not growth in a depraved, desperate, cancerous way- that’s a degraded & warped way to grow. It seems common because the addiction of unstoppable growth is what we think will feed the lonely and unloved places inside. The industrial age & modern life have equated growth with hustle, but that’s not actually how natural growth works.

🌱Natural growth involves rest.

🌻Natural growth involves understanding who you are and what you truly need as a unique individual.

🌳Natural growth involves lots of trial and error- exploring new avenues, new channels, and then pruning away where those channels don’t have the resources to support the growth.

Working with me, you will grow your garden plants (if you like gardening), your wise self, and your writing.🌱

I hate being boxed in with labels, categories, and the judgement of other people on how I need to be. Many clients come to me because they want someone to cheer them on as they say, “Screw it!” to all the naysayers in your life.

It can be hard to shift things when you have people who don’t want you to make yourself and your needs a priority. I can be the support for you as you shift your life.

Now, more than ever, I know that you can’t keep on living with your needs put last every single day.

I believe that lasting happiness depends on:

  • honoring your needs,
  • feeling comfortable in your own skin,
  • and are you expressing your creativity and your creative expression of life.

I help you to embrace your whole self, connect to your wisdom and intuition within, and to start taking action towards a more magical, delightful life.

Who am I?

Hey. I’m Rachel, a mountain girl living in upstate South Carolina, loving my family of one girl, one boy, and one husband. I’ve got too many seed catalogs and just barely enough garden. Every year I convince my man that I’m going to turn a little more lawn into garden.

I’m a psychic, 1-to-1 coach, creator of online programs like Nourish with Nature, Discover the Magic of your Nighttime Dreams and more.

I live in Greenville, SC (technically a lovely little small town called Travelers Rest) and still pop up to Asheville, NC my former home which I love.

My business is Inner Wisdom, LLC and this website is Soul Pioneer because you have a desire to walk through uncharted territory in your life and I can be the Trailblazer walking by your side.

I offer 1-to-1 coaching that honors your individuality, taps into your hidden superpower (your intuition and your unique gifts), and helps you to further unleash your own radiance & power (which typically also means more success & happiness).

Read more here about what an intuitive session with me looks like.

I want to help you connect to your power and your inner wisdom.

Because you have so much richness of life, and bank account ;) , waiting for you once you stop living life small and starting playing big and deeply from the heart.

There are lots of ways that you can tune into the wisdom of nature- her cycles and patterns and apply them to your life. When you do this, it has such a profound effect on your heart, mind, and soul :).

Listen my friend…

I’ve spent 20 years bringing out the potential in people. One person’s gifts, self-expression, and business-expression are so unique- never the same as another.

I don’t think I’m meant to live a humdrum life doing predictable things, and I have a feeling neither are you.

But it sometimes feels like the world doesn’t care about this.

It can feel like society or responsibilities need so much of us that it drains all the time we have to pursue our needs and dreams and we end up spending the days, the weeks, even years doing something for everyone.

Everyone but ourselves. 

I know where you’re coming from, and I’d love to share my triumphs and lessons learned with you. 

I want to help you learn essentials for living – living true to your heart and your vision and your center. Essentials for living an aligned life that no one ever taught you. I want to help you to fast-track to what I’ve learned the hard way.

I’ve dedicated my days- and sometimes my nights- to living this life with intention, happiness, and mindfulness. Often this has meant kicking convention out the door and surprising people with my fierce dedication to myself, to my true essence. 

Do you know when you feel like you’re supposed to be doing big things, but everything in your life has a serious BLAH to it?

Are you feeling like you’re out of alignment with your life as it is meant to be?

It’s as if your entire life is in a holding pattern.

And you keep thinking you’re going to do something about living with more intention. But the months pass and you feel like you’re stagnant and stuck doing the same thing again and again.

I love to learn more and explore more; I will be sharing whatever new info that I come across that is helpful. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so we can keep in touch.

Once upon a time…

I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and empath. I believe that being a dreamer, an idealist, a believer of ‘unrealistic” and fantastical things is what makes you amazing.

I’ve been a spiritual gal since my early days when I ran out of books to read that interested me from my local public library and started reading the New Age books lining the bookshelves at home.

In addition to my love for the spiritual life, I have a deep interest and love for science, hence getting a Master’s in Science – Soil Science. Did I mention, I love gardening?

I love finding the intersect between the material and the spiritual; logical and emotional.

I’ll tell you upfront, I don’t have a divinity degree, yoga teacher certification, or even experience sitting at the feet of the greatest minds of our times.

No, I’ve had to hike this trail myself.

I’ve figured this out through grit and determination, years of journaling, and lots of quiet reflection- while immersed in a world that wants to minimize living a purposeful, aligned life as something too woo-woo for honest consideration.

If you feel a yearning for a richer, brighter, more aligned life…..

..a life that seems better suited to you and your inner compass, then let’s stay connected and grow and blossom together.

I know that the world wants us to be our best versions of ourselves. When I look out at the trees and shrubs on a hike, I don’t see plants that wish that they had been more; I see plants that express the essence of their true nature. I know that you and I can do the same.

Let’s stay in touch!

I hope that this writing enlightens, inspires, and empowers you. If it does, send me a note!

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Have a fabulous day! ~Rachel

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