You are not Too MUCH

When I need inspiration, ideas, or creativity, I turn to the outdoors. We live in a wonderful world.

I mean the human world is a little bit wacky right now- and that’s putting it nicely!

Yet, the natural world, mother earth. She is wonderous and as creative and expansive as ever.

Anytime I step outside I see new signs of life (entering the sleepy time of the plants is happening here). Even when it was still winter, the branches and bark and birds made me breath deeply and feel strong and empowered.

Does anyone look at a forest and say- that’s too much. There are too many mosses, mushrooms, moonbeams, and monkeys in this setting.



Not once.

But how many passionate people have turned down their enthusiasm, passion, and self-expression because other people think you’re too much.

I won’t stand for it.

You can listen in to this week’s reading and hear what insight this client gets- because her partner thinks she’s too much.

Don’t water yourself down for anyone.


You desires and needs are valid.

Its a funny time in human existence. Human brains are working with our ancient “hardware” and if you watch the news, social media, or maybe even your life, it can start to feel scary, weird, and overwhelming.

You don’t have to settle for how things are.

You can re-direct your attention, reset your outlook, and re-ignite your passion.

e need new adult education. I think that we need to reconnect to a wisdom greater than ourselves to open our minds and tap back into that deep reservoir of creative potential and power.

What a better way to tap into creative potential, power, and possibilities than doodling!

Seriously- and humorously. Let loose, let the doodles fly and start seeing what is possible. 

I created this free class to get your BIG DREAMS believeable again! This free class will include Doodling, dreaming, encouragement from me and waking up to all kinds of new possibilities. 

Let’s alleviate anxiety about the future and the worries about the world, angst, and stress- instead let’s you can refocus on what’s possible, what your passion is, and reviving your belief in your potential.

Heck, if nothing else, this gives you a commitment and a focus that is something to get you out of your current mode and seeing the world with new eyes again. That is worth it, I believe, don’t you?

Here is the link to free class and page to sign up. I hope to see you there 

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