What do others say about me?

Easy to understand, fun, not intimidating, and totally inspiring. Not to mention, Rachel is knowledgeable, real, and fun.

-Nicole D.

We just had a consultation with Rachel and it was amazing. She gave us so many ideas. Its an amazing value. I can’t recommend her enough. Hannah B.

About Rachel’s Small Group Coaching:

I have continued along my personal-development path, and have retained very strong friendships with most of the group. Life is so much easier when you feel like you have a “tribe” of women to turn to. We have been an incredible support system to each other.

-Rachel S.

Before I did the small group, I felt held back in life due to lack of confidence. I was being my own road block. After doing her program, I found it to be very beneficial. I realized how much power I really have within myself. I found it to be a catalyst for change, and I still feel myself progressing even after it ended.

Hannah T.