Intuitive Business Coaching: What’s it all about?

Can you imagine getting the fast track towards the business success or feeling good about finding love?

Clients who have worked with me experienced fulfilling transformations.

Your life was meant to be magical and satisfying.

You are done with disappointment and settling for what is that isn’t working.

Its time to take action, tap into your intuition, and bring the magic and possibility back to your dreams and reality.

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Psychic coaching combines intuitive insight with practical strategies, empowering you to make confident decisions and embrace your true potential. With my wise and uplifting approach, I’ll guide you on a heart-to-heart journey towards clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.

If you want to take clear, confident action and actualize your potential and create a new modality, new business venture, or new relationship, this is the support you need. 

Tailored Guidance for Bringing Magic & Synchronicity Back to Your Life
Investing in yourself is a powerful step towards manifesting the life you desire. By signing up for a 3-month coaching program, you’ll receive personalized guidance and support from me, Rachel Strivelli, and the spirit world.

There’s not many coaches that:

  • connect you to your spirit guides,
  • really see you,
  • understand business,
  • can navigate manifesting & quantum thinking,
  • know how to expertly teach,
  • are neurodivergent,
  • make silly jokes, and
  • always think about what is the sustainable-natural-organic-human-humane best way for you to make change and feel amazing about your life.

Did I mention we’ll be laughing and having fun? That’s key here.

Here’s what you can expect:

Expansive Psychic Readings: Gain valuable insight into your current situation and future possibilities through our in-depth psychic readings. These sessions will unveil hidden aspects of your journey, highlight your gifts, and provide you with clarity.

Strategic Life Coaching: Together, we’ll design a plan to help you achieve your goals. As an experienced life coach, I’ll provide you with practical tools, techniques, and exercises to empower you to take decisive action and manifest positive changes.

Weekly Calls over Zoom or Voxer: Stay on track and maintain momentum with our weekly check-in sessions. Here, we’ll assess your progress, celebrate your achievements, address any challenges, and provide guidance to navigate any obstacles that may arise.

Join the Journey
Let me assure you that this isn’t just an ordinary coaching program. You probably figured that already. It’s an opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey towards a sparkling and more fulfilling future. By investing in yourself in the 3-month coaching package, you’ll gain the tools, wisdom, and support needed to make lasting positive changes in your life.

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I know what you are going through and I used to let all the things and ideas of what would/could happen in the future stop me. I let the immensity of the novel I wanted to write stop me. I let the size of the issues I wanted to help slow me down.

Then I got to the point where I didn’t want to risk another week, another year, heck, another day pass by.

I started spending time evoking and cultivating my voice, my gifts, and my dreams.

Yes, it was scary. I was worried and nervous. I thought my actions would seem unrealistic and crazy to other people.

Easy to understand, fun, not intimidating, and totally inspiring. Rachel is knowledgeable, real, and fun. – Nicole D.

If you are tired of putting yourself, your inner creative dreams last, then let me support you.

I can guide you step-by-step to move forward into action AND provide you with strategies and support to not get derailed when sick kids, car trouble, and anxiety slow down your momentum.

Beyond the details of daily life, what truly keeps you moving forward on your path, no matter what, is that drive within you.

When you are 100% all-in with yourself, no amount of delays, hiccups, or barriers will keep you from creating your next level, your heart’s desire, your dreams.

Click below to Book a free wisdom call where we can meet, see if we click and give you a good dose of motivation and connection to your personal power!

Your Investment

Its easier to know what you’re going to invest moving into a new thing, I want to take as much of the unknown out of our coaching-collaborative relationship now. I offer discounts on coaching for BIPOC and LGBTQ community, so let me know if you’d like to apply that to our work together.

  • Your investment is $2000 USD. Packages cover 3 months.
  • We meet over Zoom for 3 weeks in a row and in the 4th week integrate and calibrate and connect via email or Voxer. The month is designed this way to support and follow natural rhythms.
  • Package typically are paid in full. If necessary, we can make arrangements to have installments.
  • 6 month packages or intensive VIP packages available for motivated business owners who are dedicated to faster growth.
  • With a package of sessions, you full commit to yourself, your support, and your growth in a radically good and resourceful way.




Are you ready to go where you haven’t gone before and leave behind the mindset, practices, or habits that are holding you back?

1-to-1 Coaching

If you want to make good progress on that burning desire (or fear) you’ve been thinking about for a while, one-on-one coaching is for you!

We will work together for 6 months. Each session of private coaching lasts for 55 minutes. I am excited to be your virtual trailguide to help you get grounded, develop clear confidence, & take action.

If you feel the desire to do great things in your life, first you will book a discovery call to see if we feel that we are a good match for working together. During the discovery call we’ll take 15-20 minutes to discuss what you’d like to achieve. Typically, on the call you even have some clarity and maybe even an aha moment. If we aren’t a good fit, its no worries- life is for experiencing, exploring and learning.

You never know if you don’t try out something new.

You can also sign-up for a one-time Brainstorming-soulstorming, Strategy & power coaching session for $200 that covers 55 minutes.

I look forward to hearing from you!

If this interests you, let’s talk and see if this feels like a mutually good fit. Sign up on my calendar here or reach out at rachel (at)

When you are trying to decide, think about what the impact investing in yourself has on your life. How many times have you spent $200 at Target without even trying- only to later realize that you have all kinds of stuff in your home, but what parts of that are bringing you joy?

Yes, that $200 is a good deal in terms of an investment that will continue to give to you for the rest of your life. You know, I’m sure, that investing in yourself is one of the best investments that you can make, ever. No one can ever take away education & awareness.

That’s what I’d like to offer to you. That you take the time to invest in yourself. Because your happiness, your emotional and mental health is worth it.

Hey listen, isn’t it true that you’ll buy on new clothes for your kids, the latest STEM science kit for learning, or a great birthday gift for your bestie. But what about yourself? You don’t even think twice about it, do you? Nope.

But what about what you spend on yourself- do you second guess this? Yes. Do you get worried that your friends are going to think you’re too uppity or ‘above them’ if you spend money on yourself.

Those friends don’t have to live with the ache of disappointment that you feel at 11pm or 2 am when you think about what you wish you had done, but you didn’t.

Coaching can be the thing that forces you- in the way that daffodil blooms are forced- to bloom in the winter time. You can let yourself be put in an environment where the right conditions, words, ideas, and support are provided so that you can thrive, grow, and excel.

You want to live a life of bliss, fulfillment, and be proud of what you did.

Its time.

Even if circumstances aren’t perfect. Even if you wish the kids were older or your work load is less. Together, you and I in coaching, will find what works for you right now and what allows you to move forward.

There is a whole group of spirit guides/angels/divine beings who are there cheering for you, supporting you, and loving you. Let yourself be divinely guided and grow.


Coaching is an incredible form of self-care. Its incredible to have a caring, knowledgeable, objective person to help you focus just on you to improve your life and add more joy back to your life. You can sign up for a free 20 minute intro call to see if you feel like we’re a good fit for each other. On the call, you can talk to me with no risk and no pressure.

Small Group Program:

Twice a year I run a small group program. Email me or book a call if you’d like more info and want to get updates when I’m getting ready to run that program.

If you are looking for transformation and a fun, powerful weekly session devoted to a better, more aligned life, this is for you!

We will connect and hone in on what is holding you back, and how to compassionately and lovingly move forward into bigger and better things. You will feel deeply supported and encouraged. You’ll learn the best cutting-edge methods for living bigger without burning out or spinning in circles.

Past participants have also loved the new, strong connections they made with others and Aha! moments from hearing other women working through the same struggles and restrictions.

For more information on the small group program and to get on my list, email me rachel (at) with “Small Group” in the subject line.

How I Give Back:

My primary motivation in serving you is twofold. I want to build women up and together we improve the world in this way. Secondly, I am committed to donating 10% of my profits to environmental conservation organizations, because my love and care for the earth is paramount in my life. I also am a huge advocate for social justice and fostering a world in which everyone can prosper and feel safe- I regularly donate to two groups who address this. My favorite organizations that I donate to regularly/monthly are the following, 2 local to me and 3 national, 1 international:

Rachel Strivelli, Inner Wisdom Readings and Coaching serves Greenville, SC, Asheville, SC, the Upstate of SC, Western NC (WNC), and across the United States and the world virtually, over Zoom.

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