What does an intuitive coaching session look like?

Learn what a session with an intuitive coach entails.

Have you ever let your intuition guide your path? Would you like to explore what information and realizations could be available to you if you listened to intuition?
One way to explore this is to book a session with an intuitive coach, like myself.
An intuitive coaching session goes beyond surface-level concerns and can help you break out of invisible blocks or patterns. I coach clients by letting intuition lead the conversation. A potential client recently asked me, What does that mean to have an intuitive coaching session.

First, let’s review what intuition is.

Intuition is accessing the non-linear, oftentimes non-logical information and energy that a person receives by tuning into the information. Some people sense it as a gut feeling, hunch, or nagging feeling. You do not receive your intuition or intuitive hits by regular, conscious reasoning and logic. 

General Life Coaching in contrast to Intuitive Coaching

A coaching call in general is where you receive support and guidance for the entire period of the call. As your coach, I hold the space for you to be the focus of attention and growth for the entire call. A coaching call is your time to feel seen, feel valued, and be heard. 
A big part of the value that an intuitive session offers that is different from straight-up coaching is that there is often more beneath the surface than we realize that intuition can pick up on and illuminate that can be helpful.
Its like when you hear the information 10x about what to do with starting a fitness habit, being visible on social media, or holding better boundaries. You know the information and steps to do it, but you don’t take the action.
Well, a huge reason is none of it hits you in your heart or you don’t take action, because something is missing.
Oftentimes, my intuition can tap into the invisible thing that is blocking you from taking the action.
Your brain receives and processes thousands of pieces of data every second- but most of it gets disregarded and filtered out of your conscious awareness- its simply not important enough or your mental programming doesn’t know how to process the info, so it ignores it. When you work with your intuition, or with an intuitive coach/reader, you can access important information for you that you have potentially missed.
Listen to this recording of a real call with a coaching client here.

Intuitive Readings VS Intuitive Coaching:

An intuitive reading will often have the reader speaking more and elaborating more in the session than the client/patron will speak. During an intuitive coaching session, the call is more of a back and forth conversation. The energy from the coach will change the energy of the session. When I listen and notice how a client is responding, I work with the energy of the moment. We go deeper where the client needs attention, support, and energy for that day.

What reasons would you get an intuitive coaching session?

You may choose to have an intuitive session for many different reasons. Perhaps you want a new perspective and to have a new point of view and insight about your situation.

A coach can speak the truth and see aspects of you that maybe others can see, but aren’t willing or able to speak those truths to you.

Working with a coach can also help you to notice patterns and repetitions that are occurring in your life. These can be clues to what is going on and what you need help in resolving. 

Oftentimes the massive value in having an intuitive coaching session might be from realizing that seemingly unrelated things- for example an ongoing fight with a family member and struggles in your business could actually be related on a soul level or deeper level. Your rational mind isn’t likely to make a connection there, but if these things are connected and you are invited to share you impressions and insight based on the intuition shared, you can start to see connections where you didn’t know there were connections before.

Logistics and details of the session.

Sessions with me happen over Zoom or the phone. Your session will last for 50-55 minutes. All sessions are recorded so that you can review the information and re-engage with the energy again after the call.

I occasionally bring in oracle cards to our sessions, but not always. 

Curious to know more?

Head over to the Book an appointment page and schedule a call with me. You can set up an appointment to find out what could be the invisible blocks keeping you from starting that habit or new project that you’ve been interested in pursuing, but haven’t taken any action yet.

Start the conversation with me. Let’s get you new information on what you’re working with and get you into action.
A few testimonials from past clients:

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