What is a psychic?

What kind of psychic are you?

What is a psychic exactly?
Is she a state fair sultry lady with her hair wrapped in a turban and big, sparkly earrings?
Not my version of it.
Years ago I was a teacher. I saw my role as unconditionally loving and nurturing every student to his or her full potential. While science and English were my favorite subjects, I knew that everyone didn’t love the subject, so I strove to make the essential classes as accessible as possible.
I constantly explored new ways to motivate students to reach their full potential. I say them as whole human beings and acknowledged their feelings, their opinions, and their skillsets that were beyond what I had or would ever have.
A session with me brings that unconditional love and acceptance from teaching. It is rooted in knowing that what plan Spirit/God/the Divine has for you, I want to be an assistant and servant to that vision too.
I believe in the goodness of every person and that if you have a dream or deep desire within you, you are also given the means to make it come true.
Years of coaching people in organic gardening and life coaching showed me the places where people get stuck in moving forward on projects, on dreams, and on self-doubt.

A psychic-coach like myself can move you through the self-doubt.

Many people wonder, what form do the meanings come in. That’s where the fun is.
Because books and fairy tales are my biggest hobby, influence, and passion in life, your session will have metaphors and themes, like a story.
Sometimes its a song lyric.
Here is a recent message from a reading:
“You need to be guided by Tom Petty’s song, “Running down a dream.” Let that song be your themesong this season.”
Another client received this message, from a movie, “Legally Blond is your story right now- own it. Be the confident gal who applies to law school and solves a case when everyone thinks she’s just a pretty girl who’s going to fail.”

You are the main character of your life’s story.

I am happy to be your mystical sidekick for a time to mirror for you, the truth you know or want to know that will propel you forward.
I have an eye on the cliffnotes of your story, of the treasure map highlights, of the best way to avoid your pitfalls or clues for smoother paths ahead.
It’s less about seeing your future (although I often get a picture of where you’re headed) and more about seeing and sharing your potential to create the future that you most deeply desire.
Still have questions?
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