Use the energy of spring

You need some magic to believe in. 

You’re special, 

like daffodil bulbs 

pushing up green growth. 

You’re ready to take action this spring on your dreams of Showing up Differently. 

Picture this, raised beds full of early spring veggies coming up. Purple kale, dark green spinach, pale peas, and the first potato leaves.

It’s a networking-community type event and people are milling about as petals from a nearby tree float on the wind.

I’m wearing my favorite jean jacket and started talking to a lovely woman wearing her garden work clothes. I told her I’m a psychic coach and speaker. She said she needed my help to help teach her to speak in front of audiences and give presentations. Speaking before a group involves confidence and courage. I know how to build those elements into your life. 

I gave her a few tips right there and pointed out something: She was very comfortable talking to me, a stranger. While she’s wearing a scuffed up, dirty overalls. 

“Oh, I’m in my element here. I’m fine when I’m in my element.”

“But you’re always you. You take you wherever you go. So just take something from here (in the garden)- of you in your element and bring it with you when you have to talk on stage.”

Look if this woman can be wearing dirty overalls and speaking her truth on a random breezy spring day, why can’t she do it wearing an outfit that is even more comfortable and flattering.

It’s not about the clothes- but the mindset and magic of her attitude and beliefs. 

Do you remember Dumbo and his feather? Dumbo believed that the feather that Timothy Mouse gave him was the reason he could fly. And so he could fly.

He believed that something gave him the power to fly and so he did.

The feather is so interesting, not because the mouse is tricking Dumbo, but because a simple little suggestion, a token feather, can be the thing that helps someone to have the confidence to do great things.

Can things give you the power to succeed?

Can a symbol convey confidence to you?

Can someone’s words be ‘contained in’ or associated with an object, so that when you need courage and confidence you think of those people, then you can do it?

Sometimes you create an idea about how things are “I’m just not good at speaking in front of a crowd” 


“Building my business means showing up online and I don’t want to do that, so I guess I’m screwed.”

Neither one of these helps you. But when you’re committed to this perspective, a guide is a helpful person to help you get out of your head and false “facts.”

You might not know if you need a special symbol, magic mantra, or something else entirely.

That’s ok- you don’t have to know.

You and I can figure that out together so you can have momentum on the thing that’s tugging at your heart.

You’ve got desires and dreams. You’ve also got the capacity to fulfill those dreams.

But you won’t fulfill them if you never let yourself try. 

If you are ready to stop waiting, this is your spring!

Book a free discovery call here and prioritize yourself today!

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