Try this mindset flip.

Its very easy to find things about ourselves that we want to change. And while there is a time for that, sometimes we need to pause and stop trying to fix ourselves.
Today I want you to try to flip the script on a thought or belief.
We’re going to take a negative belief that you have and see it in a new way.
I want you to think of a negative or limiting belief that is bothering you right now. You know that you need to change it. You deeply desire to move past it. But you’re not ready to bring in outside help (aka a coach, program, etc) and you think that you can handle it on your own. Except that its not changing. And its bothering you. Its holding you back.
So here’s what I want you to do.
Stop fighting with this thought.
Stop battling with this belief.
Stop telling yourself that you have to change this.
What if you let this belief BREATHE for a minute?
What if you sat with it and got curious with it?

How often do you observe your thoughts with compassion?

Can you be compassionate and kind to yourself? Can you sit with a belief that bothers you and be present to it?
Practice telling yourself that you are perfectly fine just as you are and that its ok if you believe this belief for a little bit longer.
Ever notice how perfectly nature makes her creations?
How perfect the spiral in a seashell is?
How lovely the curve of a fern frond is?
How gorgeous a sunset shines? 
Does the sky look at itself and say, “Gosh, those clouds really weren’t big enough and I can’t make sunsets anymore because I’m just too old. I might as well just beat myself up about this until I die.”
Whatever your beliefs about talking skies- we know that conversation isn’t happening.
The sky just is.
The sky lets itself be what it is.
Can you do that for yourself?
Can you accept yourself with all of your wonders, your freckles & spots?
Your stray hairs, gray hairs, or lack of hair(s)?
Your tendencies and your personality ticks?
And accept that maybe its all as it needs to be right now, in this moment.
Can you take a moment and be accepting of yourself for any limiting beliefs and poor decisions made?
You can do that by saying the words below, or writing this in your journal, or in the comments below. Take a moment, take a deep breath and express compassion to yourself.
Then, I want you to write down your limiting thought below and embed it in the phrase, It’s ok that I believe….(insert limiting belief here), because good things will happen despite that.
In fact, GREAT things will happen because of where I am right here and right now, with this belief.
I can forgive the parts of me that are holding onto this so tightly.
I am compassionate with myself knowing that my life is unfolding with exciting things before me that are beyond my wildest dreams.
Its wonderful that I am the way that I am.
Today I may feel like an acorn. But with love, compassion, and some grit & focused action, I will become that tree I’ve been dreaming of.
Sending you my love & compassion,


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