Why I started studying the Kabbalah and how it deepened my connection to my soul?

Did you know that there is a connection between your soul and your breath?

Earlier this year, I had a dream where I was standing in an open room and my spirit guides/Spirit spoke to me. (This happens every so often that instead of having a regular dream, I’m instructed in something that God/my guides want me to know or do). “It is time to study the Kabbalah,” the voice said.

I agreed to do it, even though it felt out of left field for me. I do not come from a Jewish background, and even though I’ve studied other religions, mostly Buddhism, I had never had the urge to delve into Judaism or the Kabbalah. 

Whatever my discomfort or feelings of “that’s random,” when I receive direct intuition or guidance from Source/Spirit, I follow it. For the past 6 weeks, I have been studying the kabbalah.

Initially, I will admit I felt sheepish to be entering into a world I had no knowledge of, that felt fairly different from the spiritual ideas I’m used to studying. I was acutely aware of my ignorance and feelings of embarrassment. 

Even though I know that being a beginner is necessary and I lean into it, there are still days when a part of me hesitates and gets squirmy thinking about beginning something new. 

Beginners mind has a value, a big payoff if you are willing to go for it. You not only get the value of learning & experiencing the new thing, but you reinforce this knowledge:

You are dynamic. You are a living, breathing person who grows, changes, and can respond to new things and achieve them!

As I pushed forth through the discomfort, I realized that my small desire to “always have it together” to always be able to be the head of the class, was delaying me from entering in something that Spirit was calling me to do.

I’d rather lean into where Spirit/Soul is asking me to grow than stay small, constricted and comfortable.

Even though I wasn’t attending any actual class or setting in which other people would be able to see how ignorant I was how slowly I was grasping the concepts etc, I still felt those feelings- which I’m assuming are a carryover from school days.

I pushed through the discomfort because I knew that something greater for me lies on the other side of this. 

At this point, I don’t know yet most of the reasons why Spirit pushed me to start studying this way of being, however it has been an exhilarating journey.

I believe that an individual sharing deep truths from the heart can open and impact others to have transformation and growth. Its the motivation that keeps me writing, sharing, recording, and connecting with you. 

I feel the Wonder and excitement that I’m sitting at the feet of the wisdom of the universe. It’s the same feeling I get sometimes when I sit down in nature and just let the awe and appreciation and wonder of Life wash over me.

It is thrilling to immerse into something new and to expand your awareness of something that was always there, but that you never noticed. 

When was the last time that you dove into something new that exhilarated you?

Did you know that in the Hebrew written version of the Bible there are 3 different words used for soul? And all of those words are a variation of a word meaning breath. So there are so many exciting places this can take you and I, if we play around with this concept.

Breath is soul. 

As we take a breath, we can connect to our soul.

Breathing, you can return to your soul, 

You can feel your soul.

Breathe in that goodness now!


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