Its time to start your fall garden, especially if you live in the South.

How to Grow veggies in cold weather.

Do you want to eat a fresh, homegrown salad in December or January?

If you want to have that great salad in December and January, when you’re all bundled, cozy, and feeling hygge in your hat, with your tea and your winter blanket. If that’s the dream, you are actually going to start thinking about your winter garden in the summertime. Late summer to be exact. 

Now is the time to plant the seeds and transplants for your fall and winter garden. The approach and timing of this video comes from the time I’m working with in the Southern US that we have from now until first frost.


Do you know what to plant to harvest in the winter? In this video I cover 10 veggies you can plant right now in August to harvest this fall and winter. I live in zone 6 in the Southeastern United States.

This video will be helpful for you if you live in zones 5, 6, 7, or 8 OR if you are starting to learn about fall & winter gardening.

If you want to learn even more what to plant, cold tolerant and cold hardy veggies, how to protect plants from the cold, how to harvest fresh veggies even when its cold outside, join my Fall & Winter Gardening Course.

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