Removing this experience from your life makes you happier!

Today’s video is about this wildly counterintuitive and yet compelling practice that can make you happier by removing something good from your life.

Yes, I said that right- you will feel more happy and have more gratitude when you take this one positive thing away. 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be permanent and its not chocolate. 

Watch this week’s video to see how removing the positive can improve your positive outlook!

This is NOT your average gratitude practice. You’ve done gratitude practices and they’re ok, but they aren’t giving you what you wanted. You want to feel a lot happier. Removing this experience from your life will make you happier! In this video I share an exercise that will have you feeling more gratitude, even if you’ve tried everything and still feel like you’re not achieving enough and life doesn’t make you happy. This creative visualization will reboot your gratitude practice.

? The study that I reference is here: Koo, M., Algoe, S. B., Wilson, T. D., & Gilbert, D. T. (2008). It’s a wonderful life: Mentally subtracting positive events improves people’s affective states, contrary to their affective forecasts. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 95(5), 1217–1224.

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