Are you feeling overwhelm?

Work, Your kids, Dinner, Tiktok, your Cat, bookclub, etc.

All these demand your attention and energy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do something that Revives and Nourishes you?

Wouldn’t it be love to have time for a deep breath in a place that reinvigorates you.

Can you picture the joy of an experience that GIVES more than it takes?

Its not just a nice idea. Its actually possible.

You've been walking by and ignoring

The BEST calming and creative force.

right beneath your feet.

You’ve gotten so used to zooming around your day, your life, that you’ve gotten out of the habit of pausing to soak in the beauty of the natural world around you.

Think about what beauty is right outside your door. 

Even if you don’t think your neighborhood is an especially bespoke and enchanted place, there are still wonders to discover underfoot.

You need nature, even more now, than you did when you were younger.

Who knows resilience, beauty, adaptability, and balancing life better than mother nature herself?

What if there was an EASY habit that fits into a busy schedule that is shown- by science- to improve your happiness level and outlook? 

What if there was an EASY habit that fits into your busy schedule made you feel calmer & happier? 

There is. 

Having a nature practice. 

When you have a nature practice of spending time in nature- or observing nature, it is proven by science to do the following for you:

  • makes you feel calmer,
  • increases your creativity,
  • lowers your blood pressure, 
  • lowers stress hormone levels,
  • enhances immune system function,
  • reduces feelings of isolation,
  • and exposes you to new ideas. 

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

-Albert Einstein

You don’t have to care for orchids or Monsteras.

If I’m speaking a foreign language now, no worries.
Nature doesn’t care if you own the trendiest plants.
She invented platypus, Pink fairy armadilloes, stinkhorn mushrooms, and eels.
Nature has a sense of humor and isn’t too fancy.
Nature only wants to connect with you,
as you are, right now.

What if you could feel more wonder and calm infused throughout your day?


Would it be amazing to feel more ease and being present into your life?

Do you wish you could erase the built-up stress?

Turn down the Dial On Daily Overwhelm. 

What if you were able to move forward with peace, calm-fidence (see what I did there 😊), and a grounded sense of yourself? 

What if the next time your crazy work situation was driving you bonkers, you took a 3 minute breather outside.

You stand on your back patio and look out.

You look around and get present in your back patio for 2 minutes before your next task.  

You immerse yourself in the quiet, the beauty, and the resilience. 

In a society that says “Put yourself Last,”

self-love and self-acceptance are almost revolutionary.

-Brene’ Brown

Its time to put yourself first. It doesn’t have to be in every way. You can put yourself first by starting with simply a few minutes a day.

Your hands,

your heart,

your wisdom.

You are capable.

Come on, let today be the day you start putting our good friend, Brene’s advice into real-life practice.

It is time to love yourself and nourish yourself with some time to think, breathe, and be.

The Experience: What does the Experience actually look like?

  • You receive the Playbook via email that has daily questions & prompts.

  • Every week has 2 catch-up days built-in, so you can skip the weekends or catch up if you miss a day. You can start any day of the week. (Today is the best day to begin :D)

  • Throughout the week you will receive a variety of activities to try for example: doodling, writing, observation, and reflection activities

  • You will receive Reflection questions over email.

  • The Nourish Experience also includes several videos & audio meditation and creative exercises included.

  • Regular time spent in connecting with nature

  • You can share & get feedback with Rachel through email  Whatsapp, or GroupMe app with Rachel (your choice)

Cultivate your Inner Calm through Nature

Nourish with Nature

3 Weeks to Create a Nature Practice- Begin Today

$44 USD

Nature is YOUR Stable Foundation, Year after Year

In Nourish with Nature, you take a daily journey to tune into your soul and nature.
You will have the quiet and space to hear the rustling of branches and the breezes of dawn.
You can sit and feel the elements of nature rooting you into a stable place. 

In April of 2020, early into quarantine, the kids were crying, the internet people were fighting, and I was debating getting pizza for the 3rd time that week!

I took both kids outside to play, while I lay down on my porch. I looked up. The sky was pulsing bright blue. Sunlight bounced on the fluttering leaves.

As I lay there, I felt calm and peace start to settle in. I looked at the oak and sweet gum trees in my yard. A slight breeze rustled the leaves.

“These trees have sustained and survived through storms,” I thought. You can sustain too.


What will Emerge for YOu?

Small actions compound to have a big effect. 

When you sit outside for 5-10 minutes step outside of social media, technology, and all the noise of the human world.

There’s no wi-fi in the forest, but you’ll get a stronger connection. -Jess Stuart

Through this experience you will have the opportunity through prompts and experiential challenges to learn how to trust yourself, listen to your needs, and start believing in yourself.

You’ll be invited to try new things- some which are fairly comfortable to your comfort zone, some which aren’t your zone of genius. You will decide which ones you do and which you don’t.

The power lies with you.

I ask if you would be willing to focus on and spend time on the KNOWNS instead of the unknowns.

The things that you CAN count on day after day.

The Nourish Experience will excite & inspire you.

Let’s light a fire in you and get you into action!

What Can you Gain from this Experience?

  • You will have more calm in your life overall.

  • You’ll have a feeling groundedness and more stability.

  • You’ll grow in your awareness of who you are and your intuitive & observational gifts.

  • You will spend time enjoying the outdoors. 
  • You will feel more confident/dedicated to carving out time for yourself every day.

  • You will feel more resilient.

  • You will feel tapped in and connected to the Divine/Creator/God/Spirit in your life.

Is Nourish Your Soul for you?

Who is this for?

  • You have a feeling of desire for something more.
  • You are yearning for something slightly different in your life.
  • You want to explore connecting to God, Spirit, the Divine through the natural world
  • You want to play bigger or have more adventures.
  • Your self-talk tends to be critical, focused on what you coulda-shoulda-woulda have done.
  • You’ve gotten in the habits of living how you live, doing what you do AND that has gotten a little stale.

Who is this NOT for?

  • You really don’t believe you can change (or don’t want to make time for self-awareness, self-care, or growth)
  • You don’t want to take 10 minutes a day to reflect and be quiet
  • You don’t enjoy the outdoors
  • You think that spirituality and/or religion has one “right” path and are not willing to explore new ways of connecting to spirituality/God/The Divine
  • You can’t stand journaling or doodling (its ok if you don’t like one or the other, but if you don’t like both, then no.)

You can start from where you are.

You can create more peace, wisdom, and daily sanity with your current life.
You don’t need a yoga retreat, spa day, or new job to shift your life into a better place.
(I’m not saying those things aren’t nice and you might decide you do need them at some point, but as for today, you can begin with what you have.)

Would you love to see how 5 minutes of sitting and observing nature can create awe, ease, and expansion in your life?

3 Themes of the Nourish Experience.

You chose as you goes through it, how in-depth to go with each theme. Each week will have a new theme.

1. Roots in the Ground. 

Get rooted, get used to slowing down and being present. Practice the art of noticing. Become acclimated in your space.  

2. Leaf. 

Leaves feed plants and leaves feed us (yeah, green salads, smoothies, and pass the pesto!). You will learn about strength and power from leaves.

3. Flower/fruit. 

Flowers & fruits are beauty & self-expression. You delve into flowers to explore beauty, gratitude, and happiness. 

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

― John Muir

A Selection of handouts from Nourish Your Soul


“As I took time to reflect on the question of the day or just sitting and observing nature there was much revealed in the way Mother Nature runs her household. Thank you, Rachel for holding this space so I could appreciate these gifts.”

—Michelle M.

Easy to understand, fun, not intimidating, and totally inspiring. Not to mention, Rachel is knowledgeable, real, and fun.” — Nicole D

“Rachel is probably the calmest, most kind individual I know. She helped me to dig deep within myself and ask some of the harder questions… which lead to the answers I needed all along. She didn’t answer these things for me, but walked with me on a journey within myself to discover the tools I didn’t know I had and a purpose that had been hidden by my own “self” issues.” — Sarah Vandevelde

“I would highly recommend Rachel, she is exceptional!” — Jaime Fleres

Let nature be your teacher, your spiritual mentor. 

Imagine in 3 weeks feeling confident & energized.

Walking in the world as you want to be.

The steadiness, resilience, beauty, and wonder of nature sustains you. You are inspired and feeling more in tune with the world and your own intuition. 

Three weeks from now, you could be feeling a sense of energy, confidence, and inspiration you’ve been yearning for.

You wake up, grab your tea and pop out to your garden before the rest of your house wakes up.

You take in the groundedness and calm of nature into yourself.

Nature has got this- both the big and small problems of life. You’ve got this. Everyday you take time outside that’s just for you and your heart and soul. 

In this program, you will take a regular, perhaps daily, practice of being present in the outside and observing nature. You will be invited to doodle nature shapes, write words about how the time makes you feel and list all the leaf shapes you see. You will identify the patterns that you notice in your nature space and in yourself.

You can feel this way:

  • New trust in yourself.
  • Groundedness.
  • Greater Appreciation for yourself, your life, and nature.
  • New Way of connecting to Spirit, God, the Divine.
  • Nurtured and nourished deeply by the place where you are, right now.

Join the 3 week experience and notice your surroundings.

What do you notice about the dandelion?

The robin?

When was the last time you paused and just sat.

Being in the place where you are right now.

Through this daily experience, you will explore being, thinking, and acting without the stronghold of the noise of the outside world.

You’ll sit and be present in your space, noticing all the beauty and life around you.

I have spent many years tuning into the messages from the natural world and applying them to my life, so that I can move forward with peace and confidence and calm (Calm-fidence), even during the most unknown times in my life.

Reading the signs of nature is an ancient human practice, but one which we have fallen away from in years past. 

You can tune back into the wonderous wisdom of the world- of creation itself- right outside your doorway. You can dive deeper into your spiritual practice by sitting and connecting to the nature in your space. 


What if I don’t have an outdoor space? 
You are welcome to join. As long as you have a place where you can see nature enough to engage with it and observe nature, you can participate. This includes houseplants, a balcony, or a front stoop.


Are you going to teach me how to grow veggies, herbs, or flowers? 
That’s not the focus of this experience. I have a free gardening class that I am happy to share with you to get you started and I offer more in-depth instruction on how to have an organic gardening in other settings. 

Do I have to share or be on any live calls?

You are encouraged to share and connect with Rachel, either via email or the Marco Polo, but it is not mandatory. For many people, sharing their experiences and engaging with others is a part of the reflection and transformation process. I honor you knowing what you need right now and doing that.

Let’s light a little fire in you and get you in action!

“We conclude that God is known first through Nature,”  -Galileo

Hello, I’m Rachel Strivelli. 


I’m a Psychic, a writer, organic gardenern & spiritual coach. I believe that when we see the beauty and wisdom in the natural world, it awakens more beauty and wisdom within each of us.


Whether it’s in the garden, on a trail, or on a coaching call, you can trust that I help you to take the next step forward towards your desires. Weekly I share tips & videos on my YouTube channel and in my email newsletter to plant seeds within your heart.


What if you took 3 weeks to ground and get present in your space?

Can you imagine what would change and shift in your life?

What Could you Gain by Giving yourself Permission to Explore?

could you let yourself explore a new way of listening and seeing the natural world around you? and finding calm & quiet for 3 weeks?


The pandemic, economic changes, the pace of modern day life, and everything else has shaken up life some, but it hasn’t given you a new window in what you deeply want for you and for your life.

I want you to answer the call. I want you to turn this this nature immersion-experience into the beginning of you showing up for yourself. Bring you your confidence and your life’s vision to the forefront like you never have before.

Let the plants, weather, and earth nourish your heart and your soul.

As with anything in life, you can show up as much or as little as you like. AND its important to sign up if you want something in your life to change, because change is not happening by doing what you’ve always done.

Maybe its time to stop reading inspiring posts/articles/stuff and actually start implementing something that makes you believe in yourself and trust your voice again.

Through this experience you will have the opportunity through daily prompts and experiential challenges to learn how to trust yourself, listen to your needs, and start believing in yourself.

You’ll be invited to try new things- some which are fairly comfortable to your comfort zone, some which aren’t your zone of genius. You will decide which ones you do and which you don’t. The power lies with you.

I ask if you would be willing to focus on and spend time on the KNOWNS instead of the unknowns. The things that you CAN count on day after day.

The challenge will excited & inspire you.

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