I provide a variety of digital products and services that help you to attain your full potential in this lifetime and beyond in a way that is kind to the planet, working with nature, and fulfilling your best potential and biggest dreams. With my psychic services and intuitive readings, I will guide you on your journey towards career success, love and happiness. You can go here to book a reading. 

Pick out a course, book, or digital product that most resonates with you, and nurture your body, mind, and soul today!

Grounded, Dreaming, and Trees Programs, Products, & Books

  • Want to develop your intuition, interpret your dreams and use them as a tool for personal and professional growth and happiness? You’ll be interested in Discover the Magic of your Dreams.
  • If you want to tune into the wisdom that nature has for you and want to awaken your connection to the plants and the planet, check out Nourish with Nature.
  • Love eating fresh food and want to start your own organic garden and enjoy produce right here and now, take an online organic gardening class with me. I have 30 years experience gardening and a Master’s Degree in Soil Science.  Start with the free gardening class here. 
  • Fall of 2022 a new book is coming out. I’m currently writing Talk to the Trees. Go hear to find out updates and sign up to be in the loop when the first chapters are released.