The problem with Waiting & Searching for the perfect business idea

How many of us when we start businesses think this, “I just put a lot of energy it at the beginning and then off we go.” You think if the idea is good enough that maybe you won’t have to work as hard.
Are you working in your business waiting for someone to save you?
I see many people strive for the “perfect” business idea, not realizing that perfect does not protect you from failure.
That won’t take as much momentum to keep it going.
I suppose that’s true in some industries but, from all the entrepreneurs, business owners, boss-moms, and boss-dads I talk to, there is always going to be some level of hard work and getting out of your comfort zone.
Being a perfectionist in your business is not going to stop you from learning the hard knocks or doing the hard work that comes with being in business.
If you are putting all this crazy work in the beginning, hustling your butt off, and thinking that at some point in the future, other people are going to come in and take over doing the heavy lifting, then its a set up. I feel you’re setting yourself up with the idea that someone- some client, some employee, someone else- is going to save us. It doesn’t work like that.
I think we can build a business. And even when we’re scaling or expanding and we have support and staff, we still have to be doing something that feels like “hard work” whether its learning how to lead a team, responding to the market, trying out new products, and growing beyond our current place. If you keep the mindset that its only “work” in the beginning when you are building, If you are still coming at it from the desire for someone else to swoop in and save you, you are going to be in for a big wake-up call when the heavy lifting “knight in shining armor” never arrives.
We have to move into working on business and taking action in business with the kind of mindset we desire to be running our business with. If you are always looking around for an exit, its not a healthy way to create a future. 
What do you think?
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