Nourish yourself like a mushroom would.

How can you think like a mushroom and improve your life?

Mushrooms take deadwood and create life and sustenance from it.
The end of the month is a wonderful divine time to clear out the dead wood and let it be used elsewhere.

Do you have the numbers of ex-lovers, disappointing people, and hurtful people in your phone.

Delete, delete, delete.

Bye bye and don’t cry.

Do you have lots of stuff clogging up your entryway in your house?

That’s blocking in the new flow of energy and abundance.
Do you have plants in your yard or home that don’t inspire you? That drag down your energy?

Prune them, uproot them, give them away. Let the new monsteras, blueberry bushes, or succulents come in your space to let.

Let go, let go, let go.

Be ok with the open space left behind.
Learn to be comfortable with the emptiness and the openings.
Those openings might feel empty at first.

But notice how you breathe differently.

How you can move more freely.
How you grow, your creative essence unfurling like curled leaves.
Expressing and stretching like a cat stretching in the warm rays of the sun.
Your soul is brighter than the sun.

Your heart is a beating, pulsing poem, writing your life on the page.

Surround yourself with love and support.

You deserve it, your divine being drinks it in.

Go to this link and schedule a reading to drink in divine support.

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