New Book Release: Talk to the Trees

A book of spiritual nonfiction by Rachel Strivelli is out and ready to read. Talk to trees: Wake up to Wisdom, Wonder, and Calm. 

This book is a journey for healing and inner peace.

What if I told you that the trees themselves are waiting to guide you to feel calmer and more connected to Spirit? With her soothing prose, nature expert and psychic Rachel Strivelli will introduce you to tree wisdom and its many beneficial applications.

In this short book, hear the trees “talking” to people to share their wisdom for comfort, hope, and inspiration. Talk to the Trees is channeled by an expert from the natural world, to help you alleviate feelings of eco-anxiety, overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout.

The trees demand nothing from you. They want to give you their stable presence, their wise knowing and a taste of the wonder and connection they feel.

Learn how to:

  • Relax and handle stress and pain like the trees do
  • See and embrace more moments of joy and celebration,
  • Feel more emotionally accepting of yourself and the season of life you’re in
  • Enter a state of receptiveness to images, songs, smells, and feelings
  • Be more connected to awe, wonder, and whatever Divinity is for you,
  • Accept your being as you move through each day, each moon, and each year,and so much more!

If you are open to practical lessons in tapping into calm in a chaotic world, then you absolutely must get this book: Talk to the Trees by Rachel Strivelli.

From its easy-to-understand and enjoyable-to-read prose to its relatable insight, easy applicable exercises, this book will reveal inspirational wisdom from unexpected sources which you can use to improve your state of mind and your outlook on life!

You could delay getting this beam of soul-satisfied motivation until some later date, but why. Purchase the book today and connect to valuable wisdom and beauty contained in Talk to the Trees

Available as a digital book and paperback today. Click here to read more and purchase.

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