Manifest more by being intentional with your home decor.

How can you use your home decor to help you manifest?

The other night as I was falling asleep this energy-shifting idea came to me. It’s a variation of what I’ve seen home-decor designers do with a twist!  This idea can making you feel good in your space- and we need all the goodness we can get these days, Am-I-Right? 

The items that surround you every day can enhance and accelerate your manifesting. In this video I share with you a quick exercise that can spark joy and uplift your spirits. This home-editing exercise will have you focus on 5 items in your home.

I share this easy “exercise” here. It only takes just a few minutes and shifts the energy of your space quickly. 

You can manifest your dreams faster and feel more uplifted.  

Why do you think the home decor shows that focus on decluttering are so popular?

I think there is a real reason that minimalism, Marie Kondo, decluttering, and Home edit are so popular! These shows and methods helps us to see our space and our relationship to our possessions in new ways.

The more our space uplifts us and supports us, the better off we can be. In this video I share something you can do in 5 minutes to look at how your space supports you and supports your manifesting.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes you feel good in your home.

If you don’t have time for a full Kondo-style/konmari decluttering- which I know I don’t- this exercise can rejuvenate you and your space super fast.

With little ones, it seems like the influx of toys, clothes, & stuff into our house is pretty constant, so I try to keep the outflux of stuff moving along too. 

What else can you declutter besides stuff?

In addition to stuff, I’ve been doing reflection on my life and my daily activities majorly lately. This has been happening all along throughout 2020- and I know I’m not the only one doing this- but lately I’m dedicated to it even more. 

We’ve had a big stressor in our house lately and are still navigating it, but I keep on finding my foundation and my way forward. And the idea that I keep on coming back to is my need to super simplicity in this stage of life.

Its funny, because I don’t have a lot of things and my life is not complicated, and yet, I feel a deep need to even further commit to simplicity and ease moving forward. 

This month I have unsubscribed to loads of podcasts and emails and seriously started thinking about doing a capsule wardrobe and some kind of minimal meal system. I’ve also started going to bed 30 minutes to an hour earlier- this took overcoming some serious FOMO, but I had to finally realize, nothing that exciting is happening at 9pm that I have the mental bandwidth for in any way these days!

If you are a perfectionist or overachiever, this exercise can help you break out of your normal pattern and look at your space with new eyes. Let’s use the items in your home to help you manifest even better. There is connection between minimalism, being intentional with your things in your home & manifesting.

Let me know how your fall is going. Goodbad, or a mix of it all, I’d love to hear what is making you smile and touching your heart these days. 


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