You can’t change the world entirely, but you can change how much you let yourself feel and deal with loss & grief

Do you have a method for dealing with loss and grief in 2020?

I heard a lot of people talking about dealing with the grief and loss early on in the pandemic. Yet I haven’t seen as many folks talking about it lately, even though I’m still processing various losses. 

Every few weeks or so there’s a new thing I’m grieving and adjusting to: a few of my recent ones are the loss of personal time, grief over distant family members I haven’t seen in a year, inability to hear live music, the challenge of meeting new friends during a pandemic, etc. 

In the grand scheme of things, I deeply feel and believe that everything is happening for a spiritual purpose and that good things are coming. However in the day to day events, I can’t always maintain that peace and serenity. 

Because I didn’t want you or anyone else to feel you’re the only one still grieving and adjusting to loss, I recorded a 5 min video on dealing with grief in 2020. It is a mellow-warm video even though I’m talking about grief.

There is no handbook for grief that is one-size-fits-all.

By letting myself cry this week when I needed to, feel deep sadness, and accept life’s circumstances, I started to feel hope & courage as soon as a day later. AND I got a soul gift of insight regarding the first scene for my novel, which I have been struggling to write for over 2 years!! Yay to soul growth successes!

If you are thinking that you need some other coping mechanisms to handle grief and let stress hormones & emotions move through you, check out this video where I share easy, effective coping mechanisms for stress. Using these methods can be a gamechanger!!

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