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Self-love is essential and yet its easy to forget to put in the time to make self-love happen. The Seeds of Self-Love interview series will help you to implement and practice planting the seeds of self-love in your daily life. Each episode I’ll interview a different guest who has a modality, a practice, or helpful wisdom to share with you, to help you cultivate more self-love.

Episode #1 is with Andrea Arledge, an ex-nurse, turned Reiki Master Teacher, Numerologist, Intuitive Life & Biz Coach, Andrea Arledge, is passionate about changing lives. One of her most fascinating tools is through Numerology. She uses Numerology daily as a navigation tool for life. 


“Numerology is more than just telling the future. It’s the bridge between who you are and who you have the potential to become.” -Denise Buchanan. Get in touch & Stay connected with Andrea here: andreaarledge.com


If you prefer to read, rather than watch, here is the transcript from the video.

Andreas numerology for self-love

No matter how much you already love yourself. I think you can love yourself just a little bit more. In this series, the seeds of self love, you’re gonna learn seeds that you can plant that are both modalities and mindsets from incredible people that will help you to increase the self-love in your life.

All right, let’s get it.

I’m Rachel Strivelli Today I have Andrea arage here. I’m so excited. Andrea is gonna be sharing some of her experience and her warm smile with us. She is a spiritual mentor to healers.

The cool thing, which she’ll tell us about, I think in a moment is as she’s working with healers, they become more healed. It allows them to work with other people and bring forth more healing. And to me, it kind of seems like a reciprocal rolling, expanding. Just paradise of experiences.

well, thank you. I love your words. I love how you craft words. Beautiful. And thank you for having me. Oh, you’re welcome. Do you wanna add anything to that? No, I think, I mean, I think that sums it up a lot of times I say I help people awaken their own inner healer, you know, to be their own best medicine. But, but no, I mean he’s yeah.

Thank you. I would just add the part about, um, the energy healing, but, but I, my business has kind of taken a turn too with that, By introducing more, uh, numerology, which I wanna talk about. So, yes, I’m excited to talk more about numerology. I read a book many years ago, but I forget most of what I read.

So tell me, so numerology, is that your current, like favorite way of working with people, working with yourself? Working with energy. Tell us a little bit more about that. Yeah. So what I was saying about my, business, like, cause it took me a minute to, to own the fact that I worked with other healers and, and so a lot of times I’ve been this new reading that I’ve gotten into doing with, with them is, um, helping them find their ideal clients.

Yeah. Um, which is so fun and it it’s it’s. And it’s so, it’s like sends a chill down, not spine. And I’m like, oh my, that tell a spot on to see their faces light up. And they’re like, because the clarity of their message comes through. Wow. I never thought that that would be where I am, because. My background is a reg you know, I came from I’m a registered nurse, so yeah, I think the more, the more I lean in I’m like, oh, this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

Mm that’s so beautiful. And does, so does numerology help, evoke and bring forth this clarity? It does it, I tell you the, the first time, or when I had my, I call them soul purpose blueprint for my mentor, when she did my blueprint, it, it made so much sense. I was like, wow. I felt like it was like a coming home to myself.

Like I could see, um, my challenges, my strengths. And I was like, oh, I knew that like intuitively, but to see it very practically on paper, and this blueprint, I was. It nailed who I was. Right. Mm-hmm and it helped me, I feel like really step back into, um, this like reclamation almost, or stepping back into my power and, and who I knew that I was.

Wow. I love that. Yeah. It it’s very interesting. I, I had no idea all of the things that you could do with numerology . Me neither. I didn’t know. I have like the tiniest little knowledge of it. So if you, so if I came to you or called you up, found your website, whatnot. And I said, okay, I’m here for numerology.

What happens next? So I would, what I would recommend first as like a, a pathway into it is to do the, the sole purpose blueprint. Okay. Because it tells you like your ruling number and how, what I was talking about, you know, your strengths and your weaknesses, your challenges, but there’s also. um, the, it looks kind like ATIC T toe board bear with me.

Mm-hmm as I describe it, but it tells you like these arrows, like I have the arrow of determination and I, I was like, oh, that makes sense. Because when I get something in my mind, I’m like, You know, it’s like gonna happen. so I just understood more about, oh, like that’s, that’s who I am. That makes sense. And then as I do it too, for my clients, I mean, it’s so funny because there could be missing arrows and it’s describes.

It describes so much about who you are. It’s so that’s where I would start. Wow. Wow. And then I do even, you know, using some advanced numerology techniques go even further into your numbers, mastering your mundane self. You know, there’s different, there’s different readings and things like that that you can do and finding ideal clients, um, which is more like a contract, like a sacred contract between people.

Yeah. Wow. Between businesses, between people. I mean, like I there’s so much you can do with all of this. That’s amazing. Mm. Yeah. And do you do some of the people who come to already have an affinity for numbers or they just wanna work in a new way with. Self knowledge and empowerment and, and they come along, cuz they’re like, well, this sounds juicy.

So I wanna know. I love, I love that you’re asking that. Um, because immediately I was like, oh, I had, I always had this affinity for numbers. So I remember when I was like 11, I would see 11, 11, 11 34, 3 33, 4. I mean. Since, since I was little, you know, and then as I, um, was attuned to Reiki and things like that too, then I would just see these numbers.

And I was like, I wanna understand what this means. So I would always like Google what the numbers meant. Um, and now it has a totally different meaning for me, but, and yeah. It was, um, the clients that come to me, they have that same. They’re like, I wanna know why I always see this number. Wow. And it, you know, it could be like, one of my numbers is 10 16 now I see that everywhere.

Um, and that’s been years now, too. So. I would definitely, definitely say they have an affinity for, I love that. And you know, it’s really nice to hear too, cuz I hear people talk about 11, 11 and these other numbers. That kind, when I see ’em they gimme a little zing of delight, but it’s so exciting to hear about other numbers that.

We have an affinity for that might not be the number that you think that you’ll read in a book or hear somebody talk about like, oh, this is such a spiritual number, but if it’s the number that you connect with a lot, when you see it, that’s mm-hmm to me. It makes me think, oh, when I see my favorite plant or something, and I’m just like, Hey there, how’s it going?

Right. It’s like your it’s like your, um, I look at them as like, our signs are like, yes, exactly. Like spirit source, God, whatever, whatever you say. It’s like, that’s, that’s a message for me. Like, yes, I’m a big believer too in like. Paying attention to those things. And for me, it comes through a lot in numbers, even license.

Like I I’m constantly doing math in my everywhere I go. That’s awesome. Yeah. It’s fun. And it can be very addictive.

Oh, I like that. That’s and I like the name of it too. The sole. Wait was it? I know. Yeah. The, the sole purpose, I call it sole purpose blueprint, sole purpose blueprint. Yeah. Because even Rachel, even, um, when I read like the careers, like for my number, I’m an 11 two. And so, um, I was like, that is totally, that made sense.

Wow. And even that in my, I saw that I would have two careers and here I am, you know, that’s amazing. Yeah. Yeah, that’s really cool. Does it feel like, you know, there’s that expression it’s written in the stars? Well, here, I feel like it’s written in the numbers in a way like this blueprint gives you an insight into here’s other things about you that can deepen your knowledge and self awareness and hopefully like self love and what you do with your life.

Because now you have more tools to. Bring forward, who you truly are. Yeah. And I think that that’s important to, um, to deepen, like you said, that self knowledge and that self-awareness because when we do this is what I always tell my clients is so important to witness yourself, which I really bad at like really bad at just witnessing myself.

Yeah. And so I feel like when I deliver them, when I was delivered mine, I witnessed. Wow. And it was, it was powerful. Like give, it gives me chills. Just, just sitting here thinking about it now. Mm. Yeah. Cause, and I’ll, you know, when I forget who I am or forget like what I’m here for, or, you know, down spiral, I I’ll get my blueprint back out and, and just help me, help me remember who I am.

I’m glad you shared that because, uh, seems like there’s a lot of things happening in the world lately that might give us reason to need, you know, a grounding presence and anchor something to say, wait, here’s who Andrea is. Here’s who Rachel is. The world may feel shifting, Rocky, who knows what’s happening.

But I, there are some core parts of me that are the same, no matter what, or that I will carry throughout my life. Yes. Great. That that’s it. You can return to

it. Could yourself? Yeah. Mm-hmm. Oh, I could just fill that relaxing into it because I have it there. So it’s a very practical tool. I mean, you have it, you know, I have that. I can, I’ve literally printed and put in a book so that I could remember it. Remember my codes, you know, cuz there’s different numbers and it depends on how far you take it.

But, um, but yeah, that’s, I. Wow, especially right now you just, you just knocked it outta the park. I mean, that’s exactly well, and I’d love too that you said it’s practical because sometimes if you are very practical in nature, but you wanna maybe dip your toe in the water of things that don’t at first seem practical.

I like that this has an application that we can use that feels very, Practical and applicable to daily life. Totally. Yeah. Yeah. And like, like with energy healing, I, I see, I think what you’re saying is like, is something that we can’t see. Yes. Like, so it’s not. It’s not like if we can’t tangibly touch something it’s like is not real.

Or like, you know what I mean? What does that mean? Or, you know, so, uh, but yeah, this is very a practical tool. As a matter of fact, a lot of people, um, that do numerology too. They’ll do it with big corporations. Look at this and then totally base their decisions. Oh yeah. Now whether they admit to that or not is another thing.

Yeah. Well, and I’ve, I’ve heard of, yeah, you can look up the numerology to see is this day, an auspicious day for a new venture, a merger bringing on a partner, breaking a relationship or contract or whatnot. Yeah. Um, and you know, it also makes me think of. Okay. So it’s like, we’ve got our birthdays, but then when people come into partnerships together, how important it is for some people to say, oh, I got married on 12, 12, whatever, or seven, seven, or, you know, Three 14, cuz that day, you know, people, we like when we get to choose and have a number that feels homey to us and, and that we feel this affinity for.

So mm-hmm yeah. Just thinking of another example from our daily lives. Yeah, definitely. And, and even tuning into the, like the daily energy. Mm. And I do that. I do that every day. Yeah. I do that every well. Monday through Friday Uhhuh, I do that, um, on my YouTube channel in. Into my mighty networks. I, I stream that in there, but, but even that can help you, like, okay, here’s the daily energy.

I don’t wanna spiral. I, I wanna take advantage of the high side of this energy. Yes. Not, not necessarily the low side, because we may move baby on the low side. That’s okay. Like, I’m not one of those, like, don’t feel your feelings kind of person, you know? Good. that, that fake positivity stuff, because yeah.

Yeah. Anyway, side note, but that, uh, my good side note right. Yeah. but to, but to tune into it so that you understand, so it just, I mean, it’s numerology is daily for me. Um, wow. Yeah. Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah. And I’ll link your YouTube below, so, okay. I think even though I probably follow you on YouTube, if I don’t already, I will.

Now I thought I did, but I just started it. I just started it. Yeah. Oh, okay. So, but I have noticed how yes. So you go in every day. and, oh, I just wanna repeat what you said. Cause I feel like it was so rich too. So you see what the day has, whether it’s the days of three or at eight or whatever. And then as you said, there’s highs and lows, which I love because.

Okay. Last night, I had a weird night, my son waking up. So I’m kind of having a little bit of a low day, but if I know the number and I work with the low energy, then I feel like, well, I made the most of the day, I didn’t try and be like marathon Rachel on a low day, but I tap into the energy. So that to me also feels very compassionate.

To ourselves way of like working with the information and our own lives and a way of also, does it help you keep on track? I feel like, yeah, I was about to say, it’ll help me.

It’ll help me shift. You know, and again, I don’t, I’m not one of those people that’s like, oh, you better quit thinking that way.

Are you gonna, you know, yes, calling. Negativity or whatever, because I, yeah, we, we are human and we need to feel our feelings and, um, and, and move through it. So it helps me move through them. Mm mm-hmm wow. That’s great. Yeah. Throughout the day, this might seem silly. So if it is no, no, no, there’s no silly question.

A place where like you have the number, so you see the number. So you remember what day it is or do you just remember because like you do a ritual or you read about it or you meditate no. Every day. Okay. This is easy peasy. All right. So, so like is 9 28, 20, 20 mm-hmm . So you add the nine plus the two mm-hmm plus the.

Plus the two plus the two cuz the zeros don’t count. Yeah. Right. And, and that leads us into this five. So today we’re in a five energy day. Okay. And today five is all about change, like right. So we’re feeling the change today. I mean, I’m feeling it. Well, I already told you before we recorded, I reor, I rearranged, I did some cleaning I’m like change and changing but that didn’t even.

Dawn on me that we’re, I didn’t even put that together, but hello, shifting the energy in your room yes. To help, to help you tune into the change that you could be resisting. Right? Cause we, I mean, We’re human. We may resist change. And so, um, so yeah, just leaning into the five and going, oh, well, okay. I’m gonna shift my energy because we can get stuck.

And I do call it kind of sometimes a sitting on the fence energy. We’re like, oh yeah, yes. Oh, we do that thing. You know, we do the dance. And so just knowing that though, giving awareness to. Can help, you know? I see, I see me. I see what I’m doing. Yeah.

Oh, that’s cool. And does it also kind of compliment what our own personal numbers are the day is, is that that’s a great, I’m glad that you made put that together because knowing me, like I know me, I know my numbers, I know who I am.

Um, in that, in that way. Mm-hmm so I can, that’s another way to navigate. The daily energy. Right. Cool. Okay. And especially when you, when you know your numbers, like on my personal, my personal day is a, is a one energy day. Okay. Um, because I was born on the first of a month, so, right. So when it, and the one is all about new beginnings and when the, when a one energy day hits, I.

Oh, I have this creative burst and I’m like, it’s time to begin. So, you know, I love that it’s time to begin. Yeah. So, or like fresh ideas come and they really do on those. That’s awesome. Awesome. Do you ever, uh, have things where you think like, let’s say on a day, six new ideas start coming? You’re like, okay, I’m gonna wait until it feels like a one to work with that.

Or you just roll with it. I just roll with it. Mm, roll with it because I know that’s like who I am anyway from my sole purpose blueprint. Right. And so like a sixth energy day is all about lovers. It’s all about this carmic energy and things are coming together. Kinda like a two. And so it’s like lean into love.

Like where, where are you? These new ideas. Yeah. There’s all kinds of ways that you can interpret this. But, but no, I say always lean in. Wonderful. Don’t don’t wait on your day, right? Yes. Like, right. Yeah. Cause I mean, we could all make lots of excuses and plus you wait for your day, who knows what’s gonna happen on that day.

Exactly. Right. Oh, oh good. That’s a good point. I’m glad you asked me about that. That’s yeah. Oh, thanks. And oh, you said, did you do my number too? I did. Okay. So I, I CA so what I did was I, I get really excited about this. If you can tell, oh, um, I calculated your ruling number and you’re, you’re a ruling number seven.

Okay. And so if I take that in, um, like I look first at like the, tarot. , the, the Ryder wait. And you’re chariot, chariot is all like, you have that, like that determination and that, um, brave, like that brave kind of, um, I, I I’ve seen it, I guess, because I, I know you, like, I, I can see the brave actions that you take.

Yeah. And, and I’m like, oh, that’s so Rachel. And then, um, and, um, sevens are like some of the most, highly spiritual numbers too. And I, I, and I’ve just seen it. I’ve seen you in the amount of, um, time that we’ve known each other, what? Like over a year. Yeah. Our, our mastermind, but, um, that was. Like you tapping into your, your spiritual side.

Like I’ve just seen it. And so whether you see it or not, it is so it’s like the intuitive, the brave and, and craving freedom, like freedom to be you, freedom to express yourself in the way that is. For you, right? Like, wow. And being brave enough to do that kind of thing, um, to express yourself. Yeah. Hmm.

Definitely. And that’s just, that’s just, I know.

And I’m like, I eat more. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that’s so funny. But yeah, there are like personality influences and things like that too, that, um, that come into play. So yeah, well already what you’ve told me feels really true, so that feels amazing. And, you know, I didn’t know about how tarot could compliment it, but I love that because now I feel it just adds this whole nother richness of experiences to it.

Yeah. Yeah. So, and I mean, it makes sense cuz archetypal, wisdom and patterns and energy with this, but yeah. Oh, that just feels really exciting to think about. Yeah. So thank you for sharing with me. My ruling number. Oh yeah, absolutely. And you said your, your ruling number is 11. Is that what you said?

Yeah. And 11 two. So in the, um, in the tarot it’s the high priestess mm-hmm and I, I never, this could be a whole nother conversation. I never understood growing up while I knew things beforehand. Like, I, I, some things that were scary that I didn’t necessarily want to know. Um, but in this intuitive nature that I’ve always had, and again, I, I, I knew it.

Don’t know how to always talk about it, you know? So it’s really helped me come into my own archetype, you know, and to, um, to be able to express that freely in the world, you know? Um, and, and there’s all kinds of other little tidbits in there, but the, but yeah, it’s very informative. like, it really helps you understand you.

Yeah. Oh, I love it. Ah, and you know, I love this is for, so for people who are just getting introduced to you from this video, I just wanna share what I love about you for a minute.

Being gentle with yourself and acknowledging like here’s who I am and how I am. And yet you’re still working with others and not, not holding back till you’re like some perfect Andrea. Who’s like, you know what I mean, holding back. and that is so wonderful to be around both as somebody who knows you and I’m sure your clients are like, oh, I get to relax because there’s not layers.

I don’t know, emotional baggages, pretension, perfectionism. Any of that built up like you. Even as you’re working with people, you’re still on your journey too. and you’re always having excitement, like so much rich excitement for what you’re getting into, which I love about you. Thank you, Rachel.

brought that back to too. I feel like you invoke this, um, this really, um, creative, uh, spark in me too. Just, you know, being, being around you, being in your present. So, thanks. Thank you. You’re welcome. Well, okay, so anything else kind of to wrap it up that you wanna tell us about numerology that maybe I didn’t ask a question that evoked this already?

No, I, you asked really good questions. I feel like we’ve, I mean, there’s nothing I can think of, like right off top of my head. Okay. Yeah, no, you you’re good at this. thanks. All right. And I’ll put your links below so people can follow on YouTube, connect with you on my networks, which is exciting.

I need to get back on there and connect, but tell us, your website name. If you have one that you wanna direct us to or YouTube channel or tell us yeah. How we can find you and, or. Tell us again, the name of this blueprint thing in case people are like, okay, I want mine now, right? Yeah. Okay. So the blueprint is, um, where I would recommend starting with, with numerology and that’s the, uh, it’s just a sole purpose blueprint, not just, it’s just a sole more than that.

Um, and then as far as finding my website is Andrea arledge.com and my YouTube channel. My name, Andrea Arledge. . Um, and then overall mighty networks. I have the sovereign souls collective and that’s sovereign souls. Collective. Oh yeah. Yeah. And, um, and I’m loving it over there too.

It’s like my own kind of like Facebook. So yes. And I love, I haven’t been on my networks in a little while, but I feel like it reminds me of how natural systems of networks and constellations and all that are. So that’s exciting. Yeah. Come on over. Yeah. Love to see. Thank you so much. Well, thank you for sharing with us about numerology.

Thanks for letting me know a little bit about my ruling number and, um, and yeah, we’ll wrap it up there. Please follow along with Andrea connect with her. She’s a joy to be around as you can tell, and I wish you all a wonderful creative day full of self love and reclaiming your power and healing.

Whatever needs to be healed. And all that good stuff, so. Awesome. Bye bye everyone.

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