You are the Crown Jewels: Intentional soul care to create your best version of business success

Recently news reported royal processions occurring on lands far away. You may have watched them yourself. 
Throughout time the crown has held jewels and symbolized power, value, being anointed/appointed by God, and governing ability.
Please pause to consider that you are the jewels
Your body, your life is the crown. Your ideas, your mind, your soul are the jewels that shine from within. 
Your presence, your imagination, your glow causes others to radiant as well.
You are divinely appointed as the only you that has ever been with your unique combination and synthesis of experiences and talents. You are the only one invited to govern and rule of your own life and decisions. You are a beautiful arrangement of precious and specific facets, colors, and textures.
You are an artform as well as an active creator of art & expression. 
How does one value and maintain the glow of jewels?
With polish and care.
How do you polish off the dust and grime of the world?
How do you add to your glow?
Regular time to yourself, engaging in pleasurable soul-driven, personal-driven activities is key.
You need that pleasure & soul-connection to do the deep work you desire to do.
What are ways that different visionary entrepreneurs create moments of soul-driven personal joy every week?
Here are examples from women I’ve worked with:
  • One client listens to the morning birdsong, enjoying hearing the new bird voices add-on until it’s almost a cacophony chorus.
  • Another client takes a midday bath (she can after all) and lounges for a time before stepping back into the day.
  • Yet another woman plays crystal bowls and channels ancient, wise ethereal beings.
Your habits to tap back into your soul-connection, your personal pleasure are as unique as you. Your presence in the world must honor your need for deep connection & joy.
What will you do to tap into your soul-connection this week?




How much would you benefit from prioritizing giving yourself the deep nourishing enrichment it needs?

Together, you and I in a session can identify what you are yearning for at a soul level. You will also create a plan that is easy for you to take action on which will support you- body, business, and soul.

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