How to set Healthy Boundaries in your Personal Life and Work life

Is it time for a Boundaries upgrade? As you change and evolve, your need for different boundaries changes too.

Maybe its time to stop reading inspiring stuff and actually start implementing something that makes you believe in yourself and believe that you can grow, 

You can believe in yourself.

You can set healthy boundaries,

You can say no when you want to,

You can say yes when you need to, and 

You can trust in yourself again.

If you reach the weekend totally exhausted and burnt out from work, there’s a good chance your work boundaries need a review and refresher. Even if a lot of your work stress, responsibilities and other details are out of your control, looking at your habits, beliefs and where you set boundaries could make a world of difference. 

Burnout can be an expensive and time-consuming reality to recover from- I know from personal experience. In the news we are seeing role models putting mental health first.

When you have healthy boundaries- in relationships and around work- you feel better and feel more aligned with your values. 
Your chances of burning out decrease as well!

In this 3 week program, delivered via email and video, you will explore creating new boundaries in fun & at times whimsical ways. You will go through gentle, loving exercises, designed to increase your self-worth and confidence around setting better boundaries.

Some of the exercises will involve journaling, doodling, daydreaming and creative visualization. You will also be introduced to several practices for self-love and forgiveness. Throughout the 3 weeks you’ll be able to reflect and check in with the instructor and get feedback and support for creating healthy boundaries in your personal and work life.

What’s Included in Journey to Boundaryville?

  • 3 modules, 1 per week
  • Downloadable handouts 
  • Email or text support from Rachel
  • One live call
  • Reflection prompts and journal pages to explore
  • Creative worksheets to explore new ways of thinking about your life and boundaries
  • Easy to follow steps for each day and/or each week
  • Exercises to practice what you’re learning 

Expected time to do the program: 10-15 minutes a day.

Start Dates: August 31, Sep 14th, or Sept 28th, 2022. 

$49 USD. 

What if by creating healthier boundaries you could create more love, energy, and health in your life?

Your life expands with every boundary you create!

Your body, mind, & soul feel more valued and loved when you take the actions that support you!

Your body, mind, and soul feel more valued and honored when you take the actions that support you!

Even a messy boundary that you set can be improved.

Starting next week you can learn more in-depth mindset and tips to help you have healthy boundaries.

The program begins August 4th, and because the program is online you can move at your own pace any time after the start date and you’ll have the materials if you wish to revisit them again. 

Creating and setting new boundaries can be emotional work. Often as you start to set new boundaries, you’ll feel a range of feelings. You might be feel nervous, fearful, concerned about what other people will safe, uncomfortable, and even annoyed. As much as these feelings are the ones most people want to avoid, they are quite common and normal when expanding and setting new boundaries.

One of the best reasons to do a program or journey around Boundaries is because of the various emotions this can bring up for you. Its easy to stop doing the work or avoid setting the boundary when old habits and patterns come forth. If you’ve had years of living a certain way, treating yourself a certain way, and accepting certain behaviors from other people, even the choice to change them can be a something new and alarming to take on alone. 

By receiving my support and encouragement throughout these 3 weeks (and somewhat afterwards), you have a supportive sounding board and objective witness for you. My role is to support you in moving into ways of being that you deeply desire for yourself.


Do you want to take the path you are curious to walk?

Or would you rather keep walking the path you’re on?




Imagine in 3 weeks feeling confident & energized.

Walking in the world as you want to be.

Three weeks from now, you could be feeling a sense of energy, confidence, and inspiration you’ve been yearning for.

In three weeks you can create and solidify a new habit, such as having better boundaries with technology, a calmer relationship with your kids, clearer communication with your partner, or are better at leaving work on time and have stopped taking on everyone else’s job requirements. 


Hello, I’m Rachel Strivelli. I’m a excited to be your Boundaries support & spiritual coach. I believe that when you take the time to acknowledge your value and you see the wisdom of living in alignment with your values in the natural world, it awakens more beauty and wisdom within each of us.

Whether it’s in the garden, on a trail, or on a coaching call, you can trust that I help you to take the next step forward towards your desires. Weekly I share tips & videos on my YouTube channel and in my FB gardening group to plant seeds within you and in the soil.


Show up for Yourself. You can do this!

As with anything in life, you can show up as much or as little as you like. AND its important to sign up if you want something in your life to change, because change is not happening by doing what you’ve always done.

Through this experience you will have the opportunity through daily prompts and experiential challenges to learn how to trust yourself, listen to your needs, and start believing in yourself.

You’ll be invited to try new things- some which are fairly comfortable to your comfort zone, some which aren’t your zone of genius. You will decide which ones you do and which you don’t. The power lies with you.

I ask if you would be willing to focus on and spend time on the KNOWNS instead of the unknowns. The things that you CAN count on day after day.

The journey will excite & inspire you.

Let’s light a little fire in you and get you in action!


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