How to remember your dreams

Unlock the Secrets of Your Dreams: 5 Steps to Remembering Your Dreams

Greetings, fellow dreamers! I’ve been conversing with not only trees and snails but also the mysterious world of dreams since I was a child. Dreams have a unique way of revealing our innermost thoughts and desires, offering guidance and insight that we often overlook in our waking hours.

If you’re like me and believe in the power of dreams, or if you’re just curious about what your nighttime adventures might reveal, I’m here to share five key steps that will help you remember your dreams more vividly.

First, everyone dreams every night. BUT most of us forget anywhere from 95-99% of our dreams. What can you do to remember your dreams more often? Follow the five steps I share ehre and watch your dream recall improve. 

1. Prioritize Your Sleep

It all starts with a good night’s rest. While we can’t always control the quality of our sleep, we can make an effort to go to bed at a consistent time every night. This simple routine can help train your mind to be more in tune with your dreams. When your body and mind are well-rested, it becomes easier to remember your nighttime escapades.

2. Set an Intention

Before you drift off to dreamland, set an intention to remember your dreams. Remind yourself throughout the day, perhaps 1-3 times, that tonight, you will recall your dreams. These gentle reminders create a mental connection to your dream world, making it more likely that you’ll remember your experiences. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t recall anything at first; be open and curious, as sometimes it takes time.

3. Keep a Dream Journal

A dream journal is your trusty companion in this journey. Whether it’s a physical notebook or voice notes on your phone, recording your dreams is crucial. The act of writing or speaking about your dreams not only helps you remember them but can also lead to profound insights. Most dreamers find that they uncover new layers of meaning as they jot down their experiences.

4. Take a Moment Upon Waking

When you wake up in the morning, resist the urge to jump out of bed or grab your phone right away. Instead, give yourself a moment to savor the dream remnants. Reflect on what you dreamed last night, and try to capture the essence of the dream before it fades away. This moment of reflection can make a significant difference in your ability to remember your dreams.

5. Share Your Dream Quest

Tell your partner, friends, or anyone who will listen that you’re making a conscious effort to remember your dreams. By sharing your goal, you show your brain that this is something important to you. Your minds responds to what you value, so this simple act can increase your dream recall. If you wish, you can ask the people you’ve confided in to follow up with you after a few days or a week, encouraging you to share any dreams you’ve remembered.

Dear dreamers, remember that the world of dreams is rich and enigmatic. By following these steps, you’re opening the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and your inner wisdom. Dreams are like whispers from the universe, and they can offer profound insights into your life and your path.

So, sleep well, set your intentions, keep a journal, savor your mornings, and share your dream-seeking journey with others. Embrace the power of your dreams, and you’ll embark on a remarkable adventure through the realm of the subconscious.

Sweet dreams and happy dreaming!

With love and infinite possibilities and pleasures,

Rachel Strivelli








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