Giving yourself time to just BE. Tradesha Clark on Being, Self-awareness, and self-love.

Could your difficult relationships be a result of how you feel about yourself?

How do you practice self-love? How do you keep loving yourself and showing up for yourself, even when those around you aren’t able to accept or understand this change? Tradesha gives gentle and powerful insight on self-awareness, self-love, and her dedication to BEING. Episode #4 of the Seeds of Self-Love is an incredible interview. Make a point to listen in today to give yourself a self-love moment of encouragement.

First and foremost, Tradesha’s primary purpose in this life is to simply Be. Secondly, to be Free. Third, to be free to exist & live in TRUTH. To embody the fullest expression of her True authentic Self (whatever that may look like moment by moment). Tradesha loves nature, and is passionate about her personal growth & spiritual journey. A path that has also called her to teach, coach, and share with other beautiful Beings, the truths, insights, & lessons that she has learned along the way. Recently, Tradesha’s Spirit has been inspiring her to share her Human Experience on YouTube. Her videos have a unique & poetic style that feel like you’re watching visual journal entries which include nature, storytelling, exploration, life lessons, spirituality, artistic/creative expression, and philosophy/existentialism. Subscribe to her channel, “My Best Life” here:

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Interview transcript: 

Seeds of SelfLove Tradesha

Tradesha: A key to self-love is self-awareness mm-hmm so just being more aware and conscious of yourself parts of yourself that, uh, may not fully be your true self parts of yourself that you may have learned to be. Learned to based on whatever you’ve experienced in your life from childhood all the way up until now.

Tradesha: We have all been in some way, shape or form conditioned and molded and influenced to be something slightly outside of who we are in our essence. For many different reasons.

Rachel: Welcome. Tradesha, I’m so excited to learn from you today and to talk to you and hear about your wisdom, your gifts, and all the wonderful things to share.

Tradesha: So thank you. Yeah. What you gotta do for having me, I’m really excited about this conversation and just to connect with you. Yay. I was thinking before. Oh, yes.

Rachel: So do you wanna tell me and the listeners just a little bit about something so we can place you in time and space and whatever reality we’re in currently. whether it’s life history, biographical, geography, whatever, give us something to attach

Tradesha: onto. Yeah. That’s interesting. that you’ve asked for that, cuz like right now it’s like, I’m in the space of detachment.

Tradesha: the time and place is here and now always, you know just in the present moment. But to give you something, I guess, uh, I just identify right now just as a free and sovereign being and. That’s where I’m at right now. My main focus, my first purpose in everything that I do in life is just to be and second to that is to be free and third to that is to be free and my truth.

Tradesha: Whatever that looks like at the moment. And yeah, I’ll say that. And some external work, might be relevant to viewers, I guess, is I am a coach. I am a teacher and I just love sharing knowledge. My experience in general and whatever wisdom comes with that. But again, right now, my focus is just to be, just to be in my, the present moment of my journey.

Tradesha: And then when I feel called to step back into coaching and teaching that would happen down the line again, mm-hmm and I will add that right now. I’m putting a lot of my energy into my creative project. which are through my YouTube videos, through storytelling they’re like journals of like life lessons and different perspectives and a lot of gems.

Tradesha: We and throughout my videos. And so, yeah, that’s where that’s where people could connect with me and get to like know a little bit more over there on my YouTube channel, which is called my best life. Yes.

Rachel: And I loved to me when the last one that I watched, it felt. As if I’m spending time with a easy going friend who is good to be around and who we’re just like puttering around the house in the morning and you’re going about your day and I’m getting to be a participant with you.

Rachel: I love how you were saying about being and the freedom, cuz it. Immediately, I just am feeling calmer and, and that there’s like a whirlwind pace out there, but right now, connecting with you, there’s not a whirlwind. It just feels very calm and grounded. So thank you for being, and, and you’re dedication to freedom and to yourself and your sovereign being.

Rachel: I. Loving that and feeling the power of being in your presence because you’re so attuned to

Tradesha: being much gratitude, much gratitude. I’ve, I’m, I’m realizing that that is one of the most. Grateful forms of gratitude that I love to ex like to receive, which is just thank you for being so thank you for expressing that, that kind of gratitude, that specific kind of gratitude to me.

Tradesha: I appreciate that. And thank you for being as well being here. Aww. And his present moment.

Rachel: Can you tell me a little bit about what made you recommit or, I mean, maybe you’ve always been committed to being, and, and to this loyalty and honoring of yourself and the sovereignty, but is there something recently that made you dedicate more time and attention to it?

Tradesha: Yeah, I’d say in the past I guess year, I don’t know what, what the energy is, might call it Saturn return. But this past year has been like, it’s been one of those like major shifting years energetically for me. And you know, after years of doing a lot of Self growth, personal growth and development, and all that, that, that mindset work and a lot of just self improvement work and coaching.

Tradesha: And I’m I’m again, every I get closer and closer it, I, I’m trying to find the words. It’s. I peel back more and more layers and get closer and closer to, to the real truth of who I am in the core and what my purpose is, what why I exist. Right here and now. And I’ve always known this throughout my journey, but it’s just becoming more and more clear now is, you know, again, once again is.

Tradesha: The foundation, the very foundation of my purpose of my existence is to exist, period. You know what I’m saying to be. And so I’m stepping into that. I’m honoring that I’m learning to embody that and be okay and really love actually, and cherish cherish, cuz it truly is a gift. To, to, to exist. like to exist in this world to be and just really, really cherishing that.

Tradesha: Mm.

Rachel: I love that. It is. So I, I, for me, it’s a feeling I’m feeling in my body, as you’re saying that of reminding me how all these moments are precious and how lucky I am to. Have a cup of coffee to drink, or be able to sit here with you and clothes that I’m wearing and sunshine on my face. And it also makes me think of that movie Soul.

Rachel: I don’t know if you saw it. I forget if it’s Disney or Pixar.

Tradesha: Yeah. I saw bits. I remember checking it out. I think maybe I didn’t watch the whole thing or something. Mm-hmm

Rachel: mm-hmm but I feel like that movie shares that message too. The just little moments of life that make our experience of being wonderful, or maybe it’s all wonderful, but some moments we tune in more and we have this awareness and we notice the light on the trees or the smell of something in the air.

Rachel: Are there things during the day that either help remind you to be, or that you do as like a practice to get yourself, refocused on. Okay. I, now I’m just being grateful that I exist and, and I’m just being,

Tradesha: Yeah. I tend to have a lot of those moments in nature. Mm. Yeah. Every time I go out in nature, which is all the time is my home.

Tradesha: That is my home and really where, where I belong. But yes, being in nature, is grounding. And that’s one of the perfect environments for you to just be mm-hmm , you know what I’m saying? Just to connect with this earth, this world that we live on and, you know, once I, something about just being in that energy just does something for just my spirit, my energy, definitely ground grounds.

Tradesha: You mm-hmm . And just when you’re grounded in that way, you have no like ideas, you can’t help, but to have a perspective of just. being mm-hmm just existing, you know, the trees remind you of that, cuz that’s all they’re doing. They’re just being, you know what I’m saying? Mm-hmm the, the grass reminds you of that.

Tradesha: The birds remind you of that they’re being. And the fact that I get to witness and enjoy the beautiful songs that the birds sing in that moment. I’m like, wow, this is a gift like this is so beautiful and precious. I’m grateful much gratitude that I get to hear this, that I get to experience this.

Tradesha: Thank you for being and much gratitude for me for being, and being able to experience this present moment right now, listening to the waves. I love the ocean. Yeah, just being in that environment and seeing how. All these things around me, all these beautiful beings, cuz that’s what they are as well.

Tradesha: Watching them be, uh, reminds me , uh, to be, and I’m inspired by their just being and I’m grateful that I get to, we get to be together and I get to witness and experience. the beauty and the divinity of their being and my being, you know what I’m saying?

Tradesha: So mm-hmm , we should count how many times I say being throughout this ,

Rachel: if people are drinking, they could make it a drinking game. , right?

Rachel: It’s so good. It’s so good. Well, and I’m reminded, I have this program nourish with nature and it is helping people to do some of that, of getting out and sitting and being, and noticing I’m looking this way, cuz right out there’s a window noticing the divinity of those beings and helping reconnect us.

Rachel: Cuz I feel the same way. It’s we. Our energy starts to have this common grounding effect. And I find it very easy as it sounds like you do too, to also feel more positive and expanded or happy, or just joyful to be alive because of all the bird hopping around or ants growing about their thing, mushrooms popping outta the ground.

Rachel: and I mean, the waves too are, so mm-hmm, amazing to just watch and, and them coming in and going out again. So thank you for sharing that. And

Tradesha: thanks for asking that no, by you asking that it just took me there. And so I get to experience that the beautiful. Feeling just by, you know, taking myself there mentally mm-hmm

Rachel: yes.

Rachel: Do you find that when you have spent more and more time being, and focusing on honoring yourself and being loyal and true to yourself, does it make. Future moments where you have to let’s say, make a decision where it feels like there’s a tension between what other people want or what you want, or how, how are you, has it made it easier to be loyal to yourself?

Rachel: That’s the word I’m using, but we could say authentic or true or whatever or sovereign in challenging moments.

Tradesha: Mm-hmm, definitely definitely the more you, the more I practice. Connecting with myself and living in my truth, you know, even in privacy, you know what I’m saying? When it’s just me and me, mm-hmm and being honest with myself, having very honest and vulnerable dialogues with myself about certain situations about who I am being able to.

Tradesha: Be that open and raw and vulnerable with myself first and foremost you know, leads a solid foundation for me to stand on when I go out into the world and I present myself and I’m interacting with other people other situations. And so, yes, it definitely makes it easier. To, to stay solid within myself.

Tradesha: However, it is still a challenge. I’ll say that it’s still something that I’m learning through and growing through. And it’s also a muscle, you know what I’m saying? If this is I haven’t always I haven’t always been on this path. I haven’t always been, you know, practicing this, this form of self love and honoring my.

Tradesha: I’m honoring self. This is maybe five, six years old. this practice versus the previous, 22 years of not honoring myself. Mm. So there’s still a lot of things to unpack and unlearn mm-hmm from that past 22 years. And so It is it, it definitely it’s like a, what I’m saying is that it is a, a muscle.

Tradesha: And so the more I practice it, the more I flex it, the more and more it becomes easier. Down the line. When, when I am challenged, when, when certain parts of my truth Are challenged and I’m, I might, I might not, you know, always honor what I’m feeling in that moment. Mm-hmm But then again, even in that situation, when I, the times when I don’t honor myself fully I get to set back when it’s all said and done and reflect and learn from that opportunity.

Tradesha: Mm-hmm and then also be more mindful and look forward. Look, look for the signs of a similar situation. In the future to where I can better recognize like, oh, this is a similar situation. Here is another opportunity for me to flex that muscle.

Rachel: Yes. Oh, I love that. You said that. And I know for myself with my intuition or other things, I find if there’s moments where I make what felt like a wrong choice in the time period.

Rachel: Like you say, if, then I reflect and learn from that and take, okay, here’s the pieces that I can use next time. And this is what I’m gonna pay attention to. Or this is what I ignored that I wish I wouldn’t have ignored. And then bring that forward with me. It just turns into a learning experience and it doesn’t feel like, oh, that was a big mistake that I made.

Rachel: It’s just, it was a time that gave me more insight into. What I needed to see about that. So, yeah. Yeah. Thank you for sharing that. That was really good. Mm-hmm is there, I, I’m curious about either. What made you commit to self love, or you don’t have to go into all the, all the nitty gritty and it might not even be what made you do it, but maybe even when you first started thinking, okay, I wanna do more of this, or I wanna.

Rachel: Get to know myself more and practice self love. Tell me a little bit about what it first looked like a couple years back, or some of the practices that you did or ways that challenges that came up as you were entering on this path.

Tradesha: Yeah. Okay. So to try to keep it, to keep it condensed, let me see. I’ll just point out some like.

Tradesha: Moments that sure. Stand out that were kind of pivotal. One was back in high school. I was in the, the deepest, lowest place I’ve ever been in depression. And that’s when I first learned about depression. what it was. And yeah, uh, Coming out of that. I, I made it very clear to myself that like my priority in life right now is just to be happy and healthy.

Tradesha: like, that’s. I remember when I was coming out of that, that whole. I, I will repeat those words to myself. Like I just wanna be happy and healthy. I just wanna be happy and healthy. I just wanna be happy and healthy. So once that became like the, the focal point for me, mm-hmm . I started realizing any and everything that would get in the way of that.

Tradesha: I’m like, okay, I need to evaluate this situation. And at that particular time, fast forward a few years I was in a long term relationship you know, from my teens into early twenties. And. That was a very toxic relationship, very toxic. And so I started really quest like really evaluating my position in this relationship.

Tradesha: You know what I’m saying? And really mm-hmm, battling back and forth. Like, yeah, I’m kind of, I still wanted to be in this relationship, but also I wanna be happy and healthy and I’m realizing it’s they are definitely conflicting. And so fast forward to the ending of that relationship. I, again, I found myself kind of going downhill again.

Tradesha: And I remember telling myself like, you know, a few years prior, like you’re never gonna end up here again. I’m like, we’re never gonna end up here this low again. So to prevent that, I started really doing a lot of intro inspecting, and really evaluating myself. Wow. Like, how did I get here?

Tradesha: You know, mm-hmm, , mm-hmm first and foremost. Like how did I get in such a fucked up place?

Rachel: yeah,

Tradesha: like and so like at the time I didn’t have really a, a relationship with my spirit at that time, but it was almost. A dialogue between me and my spirit, cuz I was truly sitting down and asking myself, how did I end up here?

Tradesha: Like how did I get in a situation? Yeah. Where like, you know, I’m with someone who we both didn’t treat each other the way we were supposed to treat each other. But how did I get into such a crazy place? and my spirit said, because you don’t truly love yourself. Mm. And I said, wow. I said, well you know, how do I love myself?

Tradesha: Or why don’t I really love myself because I never even thought about that. Like self love. Wasn’t a thing like, yeah. That I had thought about mm-hmm up until that point and spirit said, Because you don’t really know yourself. Mm. And I was like, oh, wow. Okay. So then that went down the rabbit hole of figuring out like, whoa, who am I?

Tradesha: oh, am I really? And not, not all these external labels mm-hmm and you know, boxes and titles that we tend to attach ourselves to. But who is Trisha at her core? Who am I at my core? You know, outside of my gender. Yes, I’m a woman, but who am I outside of being a woman? Mm-hmm who am I outside of being black?

Tradesha: Mm-hmm who am I outside of being a daughter? Who am I outside of my occupation at the time, you know who am I outside of a student that’s, you know, studying to be a. Professor, who am I outside of all of these external labels? Who am I outside of? A, a, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend who am I outside of that?

Tradesha: Once I peel back all of these superficial labels, like who am I? And you know, by really exploring deep into that, You know, it was like, my spirit was slowly calling me back. calling me back to the truth of who I am, the essence of who I am. And so that’s how, that’s how the journey first began into self love to answer your question.

Tradesha: I hope that answers your question.

Rachel: Oh, that’s amazing. I was gonna be happy with whatever you said. unless you said I won’t tell you anything. I think. So many things, I would love it was making me reflect on past relationships, even though I haven’t had one that I would call toxic. I was thinking about how sometimes when we’re young, we give so much or we’re in a relationship and it becomes so much of our identity and it might not even be that that person is well suited to us.

Rachel: . And so then it’s like, maybe even without meaning to the relationship gets worse. Cuz it’s like two people who don’t really fit, but you’re trying to make it fit be. And sometimes it’s cuz you’re young or you’ve been together for a while. So you keep on trying to make it work and it keeps on getting worse and yeah, and I, I love to it.

Rachel: Like you have so much wisdom and compassion for your former self and this person too, which I love. And the other thought that I was having was about how exciting it is that. When you pause to, to evaluate, okay, how did I get here? Or what, what happens next? Like what’s going on? Why am I in this situation, then your spirit or spirit giving you this great message.

Rachel: That’s like leading you out of the place where you were. So that is really

Rachel: powerful.

Tradesha: Yeah, it was very, very powerful. Yes, it was, it was a very beautiful experience. Uh, a part of the big catalyst of how I am, how I got here today. Mm-hmm, eternally grateful for that, that, phase in my journey. mm-hmm

Tradesha: the other thing I really.

Rachel: That I, I feel that we have in common and maybe other people do this too. Is the, your realization when you are at your low point of, okay. I don’t wanna get this low. And then I would almost call it a discipline, but it’s almost, to me, it’s also like a commitment of, okay, I’m looking out for myself no matter what, if it gets this bad, then I have to do something.

Rachel: And so really framing that because maybe there’s somebody listening who is going through a bad. Well, what if you tell yourself, okay, I’m not gonna let it get any worse or I I’m gonna take care of myself and get through this to a better time. And if it’s, if it, when it gets better, if it starts to get worse, then I know I gotta do some type of course, correction to do what I can.

Rachel: If things are going in a downward trend and also this, I, I don’t know if you knew about like mantras and affirmations and all that, but I love how you attached onto something that you knew was this positive guiding light of, okay. I wanna be happy and I wanna be healthy. And then using that to.

Rachel: Orient around to be like this guiding force moving you forward. And that’s this guiding idea that then you get to look at your life with. That seems such a powerful way to, to really get intentional and not just, you know, let things keep on happening, but saying, okay. I’m looking around, I’m curating my own experience or I’m making sure, is my work or my school or my relationships.

Rachel: Are they helping with that or hurting that. and also what seems like a lot of, I don’t know if it was in meditation or journaling or how you communicate with spirit, but a lot of that going on too, of. being still enough to hear the answers that are coming forth and, and being quiet and receptive to being guided by spirit to, to something that was going to be more loving and, and true to yourself.

Tradesha: Right, right. Exactly. Yeah, that I, and of course at the time, I just was not. I’d say , the period before that for that, I’m trying to find that for lack of better words. That was when I was not aware. Uh, and so I had no idea about personal growth, self development, spirituality, none of that.

Tradesha: So I didn’t really identify, I didn’t know that that was like a mantra or affirmation that I was repeating to myself. I just knew that I was hurting and. I need the opposite of hurting. Yes. Happy and healthy . And so that’s what I was clinging onto at the time. And it’s funny how things evolve because in beginning that was, that was my only goal.

Tradesha: Happy, happy, healthy, be happy and healthy. I just wanna be happy and healthy then, you know fast forward to. Uh, kind of that time around the breakup and there was other things happening as well. That’s also, when I kind of started to experience my first big spiritual awakening that was the time when like the doors just opened up for me.

Tradesha: And at that time, you know, When I was asking myself those questions, how did I get here? Because you know, you don’t truly love yourself. You don’t truly love yourself because you don’t truly know yourself. And so now that became the new goal was to find my true self. And to love myself unconditionally, you know what I’m saying?

Tradesha: And so I started tackling everything. I didn’t love about myself, tackling all of my fears and insecurities about myself, head on. Yeah, that was a crazy, that was a wild, wild, , phase in my life. But that became the new goal. And once I felt like I kind of. Got that became aware of who I, who my true self is and loving myself holy and wholeheartedly and really implementing that, like to where it’s now second nature.

Tradesha: It’s not me trying to love myself. Mm-hmm because I know I should. But because I truly do, because that’s in my nature, the nature of who I am is love period. You know what I’m saying? And so loving myself is only natural without trying and now fast forward some years now, And as you know, more layers are being pulled back, the journey is continual.

Tradesha: There’s really no destination, even an internal journey. I feel like there’s no destination mm-hmm but now. My, I guess my goal, which I’m already achieving every day which is to be happy. I mean, excuse me, it’s just, it’s just to be, you know what I’m saying? And now that’s my focus. That’s the thing that I’m holding onto is to be, and to be, uh, free, be in my truth period.

Tradesha: And so that’s the thing that I’m that’s the standard that I’m, you know, comparing things to like, is. Is this in my truth, you know, mm-hmm, is this like you know, getting in the way of, uh, my freedom am I being, am I truly being that’s the, that’s the thing that I come back back back to.

Tradesha: That’s the thing that anchors me at this present moment in my journey. mm.

Tradesha: That’s amazing.

Tradesha: Did you notice if the people around you either changed because of all of this dedication and. Being true to yourself and loving yourself, or did new people come in and people leave or did the people around you just adapt and realize, oh, this is how she is now.

Tradesha: And I need to respect that. I’m curious if there were any points in time where you notice it changed your life in that way.

Tradesha: So the people around me close family and friends, They stayed who they are, who they were or who, the avatar, the character mm-hmm . I describe you know, their characteristics, their traits, those stayed the same.

Tradesha: And for the most part, they treated me in a reflection of, you know, who they are. And at the same time, They didn’t , I guess they didn’t really treat me like they didn’t treat me in a bad way because of my, the changes that I was experiencing. And if they had something negative to say it wasn’t outta character.

Tradesha: right. That’s exactly word. That’s how they always have been, you know what I’m saying? So it was kinda used to it. So no things didn’t really change. People didn’t change around me. Uh, but yes, at that time, I, I was yearning new kinds of relationships and connections with other people that were in this new world that I was now in.

Tradesha: And so, you know, I started getting called to do a few different things. I wanted at the very beginning of my awakening, I wanted to start my own Organic and sustainable garden. And I had no experience, never stepped foot on a farm before that . But I just knew and I was calling in and I ended up manifesting, uh, an apprenticeship program that really just teaches people from the ground up, how to start their own organic farm business.

Tradesha: wow. I didn’t know this about you. Yeah. And. Yeah, I don’t talk about it much because it was such a short time, but anyway, so by me doing that I, I ended up moving out to a ranch. Oh, wow. In the middle of like rural Arkansas. It was a whole program. So there were other people that moved there from across the world.

Tradesha: And we kind of lived in an intentional community running this ranch and that was such a beautiful experience. So from there, I ended up, you know, I was able to connect with new kinds of people. Mm-hmm and there was other situations. So that, that’s just an example of like, as my self-awareness became more activated as I, this whole new world started opening up for me.

Tradesha: I started moving into a new, new phase of my journey. Naturally my interests beginning to, you know, change and evolve. Mm-hmm so as my interests changed, that’s how I became more exposed to other kinds of people that were more like-minded on similar journeys. And stuff like that. I’m eternally grateful for that.

Tradesha: I will shout out one of my sisters. Yeah. She is like my soulmate. She is a soulmate. I know that for a fact. But she has always been who she is such a divine being and what’s the word. Yeah, I’ll just put it like this. I don’t know what I would have done on my journey without her. . Aww.

Tradesha: So, yeah, she was a, she played a very beautiful role in my transition, my opening up into this spirituality, this new perspective and way of seeing the world and navigating the world because she would, she had already been there on her own separate journey. Mm-hmm and so the fact that we could have these new kinds of conversations that, you know, I wasn’t able to have with other people that really helped me along my journey.

Tradesha: Yeah, that’s amazing.

Rachel: I love that you got connected to her and that’s so wonderful and it just reinforces too of how other people can really help expand and support, and be there for us as we’re going through these different experiences. Self love. And do you, are there any certain practices or modalities that you love that you haven’t shared that you wanna pinpoint or, or highlight that you think


Tradesha: be helpful. I’ll say some key things that, that are key for me. And they may be key for other people listening your audience and they may not be. So I would say first and foremost to an, into your own personal truth tune into your spirit and what resonates for you you know, pick and choose. What does that doesn’t work for you always honor your truth.

Tradesha: For me, first and foremost, the key to the very key to everything first is this truth. That is a solid foundation, uh, to stand on. That’s what you come back to. That’s what, you know what I’m saying? That’s what you come home to is truth. That’s what I come home. . But before you can get to that truth, uh, you need a, you need a certain level of awareness.

Tradesha: So a key to self-aware self-love is self-awareness mm-hmm so just being more aware and conscious of yourself parts of yourself that, uh, may not fully be your true self parts of yourself that you may have learned. To be learned to based on whatever you’ve experienced in your life from childhood all the way up until now.

Tradesha: We have all been in some way, shape or form conditioned and molded and and influenced to be something slightly outside of who we are in our essence. Just based on , for many different reasons .

Tradesha: The little pointers I was trying to give to people on their self-love journey. I guess the key I’ll kind of list them in a way. Yeah. I would love that.

Tradesha: In terms that helped me along with my self love journey, our truth.

Tradesha: Self-awareness and you know, being aware enough to, you know, learn parts of myself that are in alignment with, and in alignment with truth, and that are not in alignment with my truth. And yeah, right now I would say, hold on to that, hold on to whatever your truth is. For me, my perspective that I hold right now is that love is synonymous with truth for me personally.

Tradesha: Hold on to your truth. I’ll say that. I’m trying to keep it quick. yeah.

Rachel: Oh, that’s so good. I love that and I feel that’s powerful. I could meditate and journal on that. So could anyone listening and we can get a lot

Tradesha: from that mm-hmm yeah, definitely.

Rachel: anything else that you think words to, to wrap up and leave us. I mean, that was pretty powerful, but is there anything else that you wanna say before we sign off?

Tradesha: Yeah, I guess I’ll be a broken record. yes, please. You know, really connect and tune into your spirit, if that resonates with you, or just the truth of who you are at your core.

Tradesha: Outside of all the. Conditioning that, you know, we all experience living in this world outside of all the labels that other people may try to put on you or that you have put on yourself. It’s okay to be free to evolve to grow past who you used to be or who you thought you were you have the permission to just be free.

Tradesha: To expand to evolve and to be you have permission to just be as well. And so, yes, I’ll leave you with that. Mm,

Rachel: that was so good. Thank you so much. Tradesha’s links will be below. You can check out her YouTube channel, as I said, it’s a really great. Experience to me, that’s what it feels like.

Rachel: , and maybe your videos will change over time and we will have different formats, but I love how it feels that I’m hanging out with you in your videos, that it’s a very warm feeling I’m left with. So thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom with us today.

Tradesha:  Much gratitude.

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