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What if you could improve your Intuition while you sleep?


What if there was a personal growth “work”

that doesn’t feel like work?



You’ve got enough WORK.

You don’t need another spiritual practice adding hours to your week.

What if you had a practice that was EASY?

A practice you could do even if you’re a beginner or advanced,

One with Huge ripple effects.

Also something FUN would be the cherry on top.

Enter in:

Dream interpretation.

You sleep every night anyways.

You probably didn’t know that you can be getting answers literally from your dreams. 

By learning Dream Interpretation, you will increase your intuition, without having to add on a time-consuming practice or something that takes a lot of working parts.

Dream interpretation is a skill that you can learn, fairly easily. With very little effort and using the time you already have, you will start remembering your dreams and understanding what they are sharing for you. Dream interpretation is easy to begin and you get better with practice. 

When you can interpret your dreams,

you connect to an endless source of insight.

rock sculptures and the moon

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Remember more of your dreams
  • Decode your own dream language
  • Use dreams to make better decisions that are personalized for you
  • Tap into your intuition,
  • Connect to spirits & loved ones in dreams
  • Learn lucid-dreaming techniques, and
  • Accelerate your manifesting.  

Tap into the Art of Dream interpretation in this 4 week course

What are dreams?

Dreams are one of your personal tools.

A gift from your subconscious, your soul, to your conscious mind. 

Dreams have been used since ancient times.

Your dreams are a tool, you can use to heal, become more intuitive and make better decisions.

In the Magic of Nighttime dreams you will learn how to remember your dreams.   

You don’t have to be metaphysical, woo woo, or dream that often to attend. No prior spiritual or dreaming experience necessary.

You can get a lot from this class.  😊

Live class Coming this spring 

Take class now as self-paced, start anytime.

The Live Virtual Class is over Zoom

(you will receive recordings of the classes).


Life feels busy, time is scarce, and the future is unknown.

However, every night when you sleep, you tap into a personal source of wisdom. Dreams are the best tool for modern-day, because working with your dreams is not time-consuming. You already have to sleep, so using your dreams to impact your waking life- that’s a bonus. 

Your dreams are a gateway to your intuition, your creativity, and connecting to the quantum field

Could your nighttime dreams give you a competitive advantage in your career, your confidence, and in choices you make?

What if your dreams could help you to decide what angle to take with an important project?

Throughout history, creatives, visionaries, and sensitive people have used their dreams to gain wisdom from beyond.

You can tap into this ancient wisdom, your inner wisdom, and the quantum field in your dreams. 


What do past clients say about working with Rachel?

Course Modules by week:

Week 1: Basics of Dream Interpretation

Week 2: Dream Journaling and Creating your own Dream Language

Week 3: Lucid Dreaming and Connecting with Others in your Dreams

Week 4: Manifesting with your Dreams

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to understand what your dreams are telling you? Learn how to decode the messages that your soul (or your subconscious) are sharing with you through your dreams.

This dream class is interactive. Every week you’ll learn new techniques for understanding your dreams and practice interpreting the dreams of your class mates. Each week will have Q&A time.

This class will not use a dream dictionary and doesn’t follow that approach.

Discover how to use your dreams for personal growth and emotional healing.

In this workshop you’ll learn dreamwork basics, how to understand your own dream language.

Your dreams are your soul and/or your subconscious speaking to you. Attend this workshop series and explore this ancient and powerful tool.

Who should take this class?

  • This is for you if you have blocks in your life and you don’t know how to overcome them.
  • You believe that your dreams have insight, but you don’t know what they are telling you.
  • You’re curious about the messages from your dreams
  • You are having recurring (and/or disturbing dreams) and you want them to stop.
  • You want to tap into greater levels of creativity
  • You want a way to communicate with spirits, deceased loved ones, and other non-physical beings.
  • Anyone interested in learning and exploring more about themselves and their inner world
  • You love spirituality, personal growth, and learning more about yourself.

Taught by Dream Expert & Psychic, Rachel Strivelli.

Why learn from Rachel?

Listen in to these podcasts where I have shared about what dreams can teach you and how I use my dreams. I have been having vivid dreams all of my life and analyzing them since I was a child. 

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