You spend a third of your life asleep, but what is happening while you sleep?

What if you could experience more from the dreams you have?

What if you used your dreams to help you make hard decisions more easily?

What if you could gain something interesting from the weird and random dreams that happen to you?

You can. 

Dreams told me when I needed to break up with my boyfriend (spoiler alert, I didn’t follow my dreams and he dumped me). Dreams have also told me what babysitter’s and preschools were not a good fit for my children and warned me about a potentially bad business investment.

Your dreams have personal and specific insight to share with you. Your dreams are unique to you and designed (by your mind or soul, depending on how you look at it) to be in service to you. Your dreams are there to help you and guide you. 

Learn how to understand the language of your dreams and what they are guiding you to do. 

Explore what gifts & messages your dreams have to share with you in this online class:

The Magic of your Nighttime Dreams

Discover your Intuition and Insight through Dream Interpretation

Access the ancient tool of dreams to heal past pain, increase your intuition, and make better decisions

This interactive class will take place online and ever session will be recorded. The big ideas will be broken down into step by step chunks that are easy for anyone to understand.

Even if you don’t feel like you’re metaphysical, woo woo, or dream that often, you can get a lot from this class. No experience necessary 😊

4 week Dream interpretation class & dream circle

Thursdays, 7-8 pm Eastern

July 2022.

Virtual Class over Zoom (you will receive recordings of the classes).

dream interpretation testimonial for Rachel Strivelli

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to understand what your dreams are telling you? Learn how to decode the messages that your soul (or your subconscious) are sharing with you through your dreams.

This dream class is be interactive. Every week you’ll learn new techniques for understanding your dreams and practice interpreting the dreams of your class mates. Each week will have Q&A time.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Have more dreams & how to remember them
  • Crack the code of your dreams
  • Develop your intuition and hone your decision-making
  • Accelerate your manifesting ability

This class will not use a dream dictionary and doesn’t follow that approach.

Discover how to use your dreams for personal growth and emotional healing. In this workshop you’ll learn dreamwork basics, how to understand your own dream language. Your dreams are your soul and/or your subconscious speaking to you. Attend this workshop series and explore this ancient and powerful tool. This class will not use a dream dictionary. Taught by Dream Expert & Intuitive, Rachel Strivelli.

Register for the workshop series here: $59 USD covers all 4 classes and handouts.

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Who should take this class?

  • This is for you if you have blocks in your life and you don’t know how to overcome them.
  • You believe that your dreams have insight, but you don’t know what they are telling you.
  • You’re curious about the messages from your dreams
  • You are having recurring (and/or disturbing dreams) and you want them to stop.
  • You want to tap into greater levels of creativity
  • You want a way to communicate with spirits, deceased loved ones, and other non-physical beings.
  • Anyone interested in learning and exploring more about themselves and their inner world
  • You love spirituality, personal growth, and learning more about yourself.

Why learn from Rachel?

Listen in to these podcasts where I have shared about what dreams can teach you and how I use my dreams. I have been having vivid dreams all of my life and analyzing them since I was a child.