You can find me featured & published at the following sites and on the following podcast/YouTube Videos:

C3EB (Culturally Competent Conversations for Equity & Belongingness) Summit: Looking at our Plates & our Places to Build a More Equitable World. This workshop addressed what does caring for the environment, specifically through gardens and farms, teach us about equity, inclusion, and belonging?

Unstoppable Empaths with AmyLee Westervelt: Wednesday Wisdom with Rachel Strivelli. In this conversation we chat about mindset, being an empath in business and all the things!

Thrive Global: Don’t Despair the Future. Deal with Eco-anxiety and Believe in a Positive Today and Tomorrow.

My Designed Life: How to Use Nature to be Mindful, Invigorated and Restored (Ep.29)

Finding Yourself Podcast: Re-Energized By Nature, Episode 32

Creative Purpose Podcast: Follow Your Inner Wisdom with Rachel Strivelli.

Tiny Buddha: One of Those Days: How to Deal when Everything Irritates You.

ReThink:Rural: How a Soil Scientist Creates a Low-Maintenance Garden in the South

Scary Mommy: I Had D-MER While Breastfeeding, And Here’s What I Learned

Wonderforest: 4 Ways to Become More of Your Glorious, Awesome Self

Desperate Mamas: Mama, Prepare Yourself for Self-care: You will Thank yourself today and years from now

Laura Torres Holistic Psychotherapy: What if you started trusting yourself impeccably?