5 Day Reclaim Your Life Challenge

You wake up one day and realize that your life didn’t turn out as you planned, as you had hoped.

You want your old self back. Maybe not all of your old self, but the one who was excited, inspired and energized to go get what she wanted. She didn’t care if it was a big task ahead to plan to hike the Appalachia Trail or move to a new town and start over without an ounce of fear. She went for it because she wanted to and overcame all the hurdles. But now that girl seems like she’s just someone from your past and not who you are right now.

But the problem is you don’t have the time, money, or freedom (from your job, caregiving, responsibilities, etc) to just take off for a week in Bali or Colorado or Italy reconnecting to yourself and feeling good again.

You need to find a way to get back to yourself and who you are right here, right now with the life you have.

Sign up for the free 5 Day Reclaim Your Life Challenge. In 20 minutes a day we are going to put the spark back into your life and help you reconnect to the self that you miss and LOVE.

The challenge begins on Monday, June 10th. I hope to see you there!

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