Are you most afraid to face your deepest desires?

You are an incredible being, no less than the moon and the stars.

It’s been a tough week, month, year. Sh!t who’s counting anymore.

You’re feeling bummed about a lot of things and really keep hoping things are going to turn around.

This one situation, this one relationship…

it just seems like you can’t make things work out right no matter what you do.

And you feel pretty tired, the weather, and world events are not helping your mood.

If you’re feeling a bit beaten up by the world, let yourself feel a virtual hug and squeeze from me. I’ve had months of that feeling.

My second child’s birth to age 3 was a long stint of sleep deprivation of a radical degree, combined with moving to a new town and all the world events of the past 4 years.

My mental and emotional health have struggled. My physical health suffered from 3 years of erratic and extreme interrupted sleep. My mental and emotional health got worn down too.

The irony in some ways of it all, was that all of those events pushed me to face the 2 truths that I had been avoiding for years.

  1. That I’m a psychic/have psychic abilities
  2. Writing is my calling, it’s in my blood.

I wasn’t honoring the deepest needs of my soul or truest expression of who I was- until life stripped the elements down to the bare bones and there I was -naked and afraid.

Ok, hold up-naked and afraid isn’t quite right. True, I was in the shower when “I have to be a writer and own that hit me.” Maybe it was fear in there too. It felt more like the worst instance of almost throwing up but from an emotional response not a physical one.

I love joyful moments of rainbow prisms, pistachio macarons, hand drawn cards, and magical stories. But those are not an escape from the pain/fear/struggle, but rather why I enjoy those things even more. Yes, I turn my face to the light and focus on it, but I want you to know, that doesn’t mean that I can see you, can’t sit with you, and won’t be with you in your moments of confusion, struggle, or pain.

I’ve battled my internal struggles too.

But you and I, we’re sensitive. That’s a good thing.

It might mean more care is needed or more planning and thoughtfulness, but that’s ok. It’s not a weakness.

It’s a specialty.

I see you and I’m here for you.

If you ever feel on the brink of making a very bad choice, do whichever of these seems most relevant.

  1. Call the suicide hotline or someone who will talk you off the ledge. The hotline is 988 and they speak different languages.
  2. Get quiet in nature or in a safe space and call upon angels/Creator/Source/Universe/God and ask for support, love, and help
  3. Get professional help in whatever capacity you can. There are resources and people who want to help you.
  4. If you’re not having a life/death moment and want a psychic reading, you can book with me. But make sure that you’re ok enough that you’ll get through this before booking.

You’re a beautiful human and I wish you lots of love, joy, and easier days ahead.

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