Are you going to trudge through the mud this summer?

OR are you willing to do something different to create a silver-lining for yourself?

Nourish yourself with Nature Challenge will help you to step out the mud

and into awe, wonder, and hope. 

The Challenge is wrapping up this week and I’ll be running this challenge again in September.

Sign up here for the waiting list to get updates as soon as I launch the challenge again. 

Look outside. Let the steady normalcy of nature sustain you. You don’t want to check out of the world entirely, but neither can you stay online & tapped into events all the time. You can use nature to reset & refresh yourself.

Studies show that time in nature lowers blood pressure, lowers anxiety, and lowers stress. Time in nature- being mindful and observant also increases life satisfaction, mood, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

Three weeks from now, you could be feeling a sense of energy, confidence, and inspiration you’ve been yearning for.

You wake up, grab your tea and pop out to your garden before the rest of your house wakes up. Or every afternoon when quality-non-screen time is done, you let your kids relax inside and you head out to the garden to have some peace by yourself. If you live alone, you are starting to feel like the garden plants are new friends.

You have a favorite rock with such enough flat space to sit and look at all the leaves and insects. Your garden is a place where you go when the hectic pace of life and society is too much. You take in the groundedness and calm of nature into yourself.

Nature has got this- both the big and small problems of life. You’ve got this. Everyday you take some time outside that’s just for you and your heart and soul. You’re a more confident gardener and have several new garden buddies too.

Many folks who spend time outdoors focus on the time out there exercising, working in your garden, etc, but this course focuses on taking the time to sit, notice, and enjoy the outdoors.

Nourish Your Soul with Nature will be delivered within a private Group. You will also receive emails and be invited to attend live virtual Zoom calls.

In this program, you will take a daily practice of being present in the garden and observing nature. You will be invited to doodle nature shapes, write words about how the time makes you feel and list all the leaf shapes you see. You will identify the patterns that you notice in the garden and in yourself. How sweet is that?!

Get on the waiting list! 

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